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here is the recipe for an anti-tumor lifestyle

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here is the recipe for an anti-tumor lifestyle

Nowadays, unfortunately, i tumors they have become one of the plagues of humanity, invisible and unknown monsters of which the impact that small daily actions can have on them is often unknown, such as the fact that a gesture that we consider almost mechanical such as feeding can instead have an important value to combat these diseases.

Weight control, regular physical activity, a diet low in highly processed foods, red and processed meat, soft drinks and alcohol, rich in whole grains, vegetables, fruit and legumes: this is the anti-tumor lifestyle. Adopt these recommendations – drawn up by World Cancer Research Fund/American Institute for Cancer Research – promotes a reduction in the risk of all tumors in general, including breast cancer. This was revealed by a study conducted by John Mathers from the Newcastle Universityin Newcastle upon Tyne, analyzing data from the UK Biobank of 94,778 British adults with an average age of 56 years, the results of which are published in the journal Bmc Medicine.

The researchers assessed adherence to the recommendations by formulating a score from zero to seven points, using self-reported data on diet and physical activity, as well as measurements of body mass index and waist circumference. They also considered data from cancer registries to calculate the incidence of new cancer cases developed over an average period of 8 years. The average score of adherence to recommendations was 3.8 points, with 7,296 participants8% developed cancer during the study period.

The authors found that greater adherence to the recommendations of the medical institutions considered is associated with a lower risk of all cancers combined and that each point increase in adherence to the recommendations is associated with a 7% less risk. In fact, compared to those with adherence of 3.5 points or less, those with healthy lifestyles, with 4.5 points or more, had a 16% lower risk of all cancers combined. For every additional point of adherence, it is associated with a 10% lower risk for breast cancer, 10% for colorectal cancer, 18% for kidney cancer, 16% for spinal cancer. esophagus, 22% for liver cancer, 24% for ovarian cancer and 30% for gallbladder cancer.

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