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The Covid it can also have repercussions on the physique of those who contract it, especially in a form that requires hospitalization or even intensive care. Once the positivity phase has been overcome, the diet can help you recover better and faster. To explain it to the Bbc has been Philip Calder, professor of nutritional immunology at the English University of Southampton: in practice, weight loss and general muscle weakness can occur during infections such as Covid.

For this reason the first advice offered by Calder is to foresee one high carbohydrate diet (pasta and bread above all) and also of proteins (such as yogurt, eggs, and nuts). Vitamins and minerals are also fundamental: “It is the factory workers who carry out all the processes and they are really important,” explained the teacher. More in detail, vitamins and minerals they serve to support the health system and help the body recover: so you have to consider a lot of fruit and vegetables.

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In addition, directives have been given regarding the loss of taste and smell, one of the typical characteristics of Covid. Even once the infection has been disposed of, the loss can remain: for this reason a real “training” has been devised, especially for the sense of smell. It consists in smelling the same smells twice a day: this operation must be done with intense concentration for at least four months, or in any case until you realize you have regained your normal senses.

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