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here is the truth that shocks everyone

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here is the truth that shocks everyone

Honey is one of those few 100% completely natural foods, created by bees and long-lasting.
Contains several nourishing properties including many types of vitamins, trace elements, minerals, antioxidants, enzymes and many antibacterial substances.

It is a food appreciated by both vegetarians and vegans and being antibacterial and antibioticturns out to be able to bring numerous benefits not only to our body but also to our skin.

There are several on the market types of honey, both liquid and crystallized, which are distinguished from each other by color, aroma, taste and are aimed at helping certain parts of the body.

  • Acacia honey it acts, for example, on the digestive system;
  • linden honey calms unbearable menstrual pains;
  • sunflower honey it is, on the other hand, an excellent febrifuge also used to counteract high cholesterol.Thanks to its strong antioxidant power, it is able to cleanse the body of toxins, keep the skin elastic, young, improving its appearance and preventing juvenile acne.

Honey, being sweet, makes you fat?

What may perhaps leave you stunned is that eat honey daily is not only good in general but also for those who follow a diet, because despite its sweetness, unlike sugar, accelerates the metabolism even promoting the fat burning effect by helping the weight loss.

Thanks to minerals and vitamins it is excellent, as I said before, to combat high cholesterol levels but also for reduce stress helping the brain in the best way, thanks to the presence of calcium.
Taking all of this into account it goes without saying that eating honey every day is just fine to our body but we must always be careful not to overdo the quantities.

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Its difference with sugar is that, it does not contain sucrose but fructose so it can be eaten in limited quantities even by diabetes sufferers.

Experts suggest that the ideal amount to consume daily for people without any pathologies is thirty grams which corresponds to three classic teaspoons.

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