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Here’s how to burn calories by strengthening your muscles with these easy exercises

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Getting to the month of December in shape with an enviable physique could be a good idea, so as to allow some deviation from the rule. The tables will be full of greedy and delicious food and it will be difficult to give up dishes with some extra sugar. If we don’t prepare now, we could risk finding ourselves having to shed even more kilos in January.

Also, being on a diet right around that time could bring some stress and moodiness, instead of enjoying time with friends and family in complete relaxation. Not to mention that it will probably be more difficult to go to the gym, because we will not have time or they will be closed for the holidays.

So, it would be more appropriate to plan and start a simple workout now, to do at home, to arrive at Christmas with a leaner physique. In this way, with a flatter stomach, we will be able to wear our favorite clothes and dare some more tight-fitting clothes.

Simultaneously with physical activity, let’s now begin to maintain very specific rules at the table, avoiding taking in too many fats and carbohydrates. We do not skip meals, because it would be counterproductive, but we keep a balanced diet, and then allow ourselves an extra slice of panettone.

Here’s how to burn calories by strengthening your muscles with these easy exercises

Getting half an hour a day to dedicate ourselves to ourselves is essential to be at the top even from a mental point of view. By doing an easy training circuit we will be able to dissolve excess fat and also improve our muscle tone. So here’s how to burn calories by strengthening your muscles with these super easy exercises.

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We will be able to train 3-4 times a week, first we warm up the muscles by running on the spot or, if we have time, also doing the stairs or a run.

The first exercise is the “walk”, standing legs slightly apart, bend the torso until the hands are placed on the ground. With the palms moving forward until the torso is parallel to the ground and then returning to the initial position, we perform 3 series of 10 with relative pauses.

Then we do some simple classic push-ups, 3 sets of 10 will suffice. After a few minutes of pause, let’s lie on our stomach and arms extended forward, keep the buttocks and abdominals contracted. We detach our arms and legs from the floor at the same time, in the position called “spiderman”, we repeat at least 10 times.

Abdominal muscles

If we are a little trained, we could also integrate squats, or go directly to exercises dedicated to the abdominals. Then, lying on the ground with the legs bent and spread apart, we bend the point forward and then return to the starting position. We do at least 4 sets of 20 and then change exercise.

Then we can continue with the “candle” exercise, with 4 sets of 20, to stimulate the lower abdominals. Supine position, back and arms along the floor, legs up, we raise the pelvis as if we wanted to point our feet towards the ceiling. We alternate the other days with exercises for arms and legs, to act on every critical point of the body.

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No more flabby arms with the tendon effect with these targeted and toning exercises

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