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here’s how to do it, what results

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here’s how to do it, what results

Dry abdomen after 50 like Demi Moore, here’s how to do it: the well-known actress who has made entire generations of men dream, reveals the secret of her perfect physique after 50: here’s her workout and the diet she follows.

Being in shape at 50 thanks to a careful diet and constant training: if the benefits of running work wonders, evidently the training performance of Demi Moore they must not be outdone, given that aesthetically it continues to be an indisputable top level. Let’s see what her secrets are to stay so young and charming over time.

Demi Moore (Instagram)


After the age of 50, especially with regard to menopause and slower metabolism, it is necessary to lead a different and more demanding life under the athletic front; we are no longer young and certain ‘last-minute’ adjustments are no longer easy to make, so getting back in shape and training with a precise goal becomes a path to follow in a very serious way. Nutrition and targeted training, Hollywood stars follow these indications to never go out of style, in such a way as to always be ready for any role proposed to them.

Dry abdomen after 50, Demi Moore’s secret

Obviously, it could not be missing among these Demi Moore, who has decided to resort to ‘drastic measures’ to remain a remarkable looking actress. In her daily life there are always specific elements typical of the Raw Food diet, which include fruit, vegetables, fibers and white meat. The training is defined with all the cardio activities plus dance, but there are also exercises in the gym to sculpt and tone the body. All in close contact with a specialized staff who can follow you with a personalized program.

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Demi Moore (Instagram)

To lose weight and tone up, weight training is perfect for preserving lean body mass, which is further improved and perfected with a 40-minute run at good intensity, replenishing the lost fluids with lots of water and some useful supplements to immediately replenish the body with specific nutrients.

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