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Here’s what the oldest woman in the world eats: her diet

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On January 2, the oldest woman in the world blew out 119 candles: here’s her diet, let’s find out what she eats to be so long-lived.

The oldest woman in the world he switched off 119 candles on January 2nd and has survived as many as 3 epidemics, two world wars and a tumor. Is called Kane Tanaka and it’s Japanese, born in 1903 in Fukuoka in Japan.

When we are faced with these miracles of nature the question arises spontaneously. What will this long-lived lady eat? What will his habits and lifestyle be? After all, these are questions that everyone asks themselves when faced with a centenarian.

Source: Instagram @ Agenzia_ansa

And then all that remains is to discover the diet of the oldest woman in the world, what she eats, how she spends her days. In short, let’s get to know all the secrets of its longevity.

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Here is the diet of the oldest woman in the world

He blew out 119 candles and judging by the images broadcast all over the world, Kane Tanaka still appears to be fit. For her birthday she certainly didn’t back down from a slice of strawberry cake.

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This is how the oldest woman in the world showed herself to the public at the ripe old age of 119, last January 2. Of Japanese origins, the elderly woman is the third longest-lived person in history after the French Jeanne Calment who lived for 122 years and the American Sarah Knauss, who lived for 119 years.

But who is Kane Tanaka? The oldest woman in the world is a real survivor as she managed to overcome 3 epidemics including the Spanish between 1918 and 1920, SARS in 2004, and Covid-19.

Not only did the long-lived lady survive too two world wars and to the effects of the atomic bomb in Nagasaki but also to a colon cancer that struck her at the age of 103. In short, not small things.

And still there Donna is in good health and is said to be spending her time playing Othello in the nursing home where she resides and where he also dedicates himself to short walks in the corridors of the structure itself. Furthermore, among his hobbies we find calligraphy and calculations.

But the question that everyone asks is: what does the oldest woman in the world eat? Do you follow a specific diet? Let’s find out right away.

According to what we read on the Ansa, the elderly lady feeds on rice, fish and soup, as well as drinking plenty of water. A diet that follows, however, from the age of 112. Despite his ripe old age he still has a strong appetite and loves sweets. He drinks three cans a day of canned coffee (and anyone who reads Manga knows what that means), and then nutritional drinks and sodas.

Finally, family means everything to her, but her real longevity secret is sleeping soundly.

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Here then are the secrets of Kane Tanaka’s longevity revealed, but certainly the genetics, with this elderly lady, did its part.

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