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Here’s when eating raw ham is bad: be careful

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Here’s when eating raw ham is bad: be careful

The various forms of ham constitute one of the best known and most appreciated forms of the various forms of Italian cured meats, often linked to very specific traditions and regions of our country. There is a tendency to summarily group raw and cooked ham which involve the processing of the “valuable” part of the pork leg, which as can be guessed involves cooking in the cooked version, while it is not foreseen in the raw one, which is in any case subjected to a specific and defined preparation that also corresponds to a salting and a seasoning. But when is it bad to eat cooked ham?

Here’s when eating raw ham is bad: be careful

Generally speaking, as with most cured meats, raw ham doesn’t hurt, if consumed occasionally and judiciously. A healthy body manages to manage it adequately if accompanied by a fairly balanced diet.

However, some types of people and specific conditions lead to careful consumption: in principle it is better to prefer sweeter and less seasoned variants when possible as it increases the amount of spices, and in sodium content, risky specifically for those who suffer of hypertension.

From the caloric point of view there are no particular differences between the two categories, but the form of raw meat which is the basis of this specific food presents some conditions, for example for pregnant women who are particularly sensitive to certain diseases in view of the unborn child.

In fact, raw meat tends not to be recommended for those expecting a child as it can be a vehicle for toxoplasmosis infection, which can seriously compromise the natural development of the fetus, while it is more “manageable” for adults.

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Even those suffering from high cholesterol should avoid when possible forms of seasoned and salted cured meats as raw ham is often: never as in this case, however if you really have to make an exception to the rules, it is better to opt for a higher quality product.

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