Home Health High blood pressure and blood sugar, the food that saves your life

High blood pressure and blood sugar, the food that saves your life

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High blood pressure and blood sugar, the food that saves your life

There is a food that is often looked at negatively by many and therefore avoided, but which actually guarantees important benefits for the body.

The Mediterranean diet, the one made by most of us, is among the most appreciated abroad for its variety but also for the way in which some dishes are cooked. Not surprisingly, some of these are also imitated outside our borders.

Food with great benefits (web photo)

Despite this, there are foods that are not looked at in a way that is not entirely favorable when we find that someone close to us is taking them. In fact, this is a wrong attitude if you don’t know its nutritional properties.

Beware of the foods you eat: one is really good for your body

Among the foods that are often found in many dishes of our kitchen, especially to make them tastier, there are certainly garlic and onion.. Some can hardly do without it, while there are those who even tend to stay away from those who eat them because they can cause unexceptional breath. In fact, they both have positive effects on our body, which few are aware of.

The advantage of garlic, in particular, is that a clove may be enough not only to improve what we are cooking, but also to guarantee benefits to our body.

Not only, according to an old popular tradition, rubbing the garlic on the skin after having reduced it to a pulp can help eliminate pimplesthe. This can happen because it is considered a natural antibiotic and, as such, helps fight blemishes.

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If, once you have finished the operation, you want to eliminate the smell, just use warm water mixed with a few drops of lemon.

All the benefits of garlic for our body

Even those who prefer not to be close to those who eat garlic due to the effects it can have on their breath should learn to tolerate it and to insert it in some foods at least periodically. It is in fact a food that can also help prevent many diseases.

The alkaloids that are contained inside, in fact, lower the levels of glycaemia (sugars) in the bloodlike insulin does, making it ideal for people with diabetes.

A clove can also be used for those who need to regulate pressure which is why it can help prevent blood clots from forming.

Garlic – Photos | Pixabay

Many doctors then recommend it to those with intestinal problems, especially if caused by excessive use of pharmaciesthe. In these cases, taking it helps to restore the bacterial flora, but at the same time to introduce important substances such as calcium, iodine, iron, magnesium and phosphorus into the body.

Furthermore, in spring and autumn it should never be missing in the diet because it helps to strengthen the hair (it is in these periods that the fall is greatest). Thanks to allicin it has an anti-inflammatory and antioxidant role: digestion is easier, as well as acting on coughs, colds and bronchitis when consumed as a juice. Those who want to keep their weight under control should then love it because it generates a feeling of satiety in the brain even with a small amount.

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