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High blood pressure, but it goes up! This is your greatest enemy

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High blood pressure, but it goes up!  This is your greatest enemy

It has always been thought that salt was the only, or at least the greatest, enemy for our hypertension. Actually what we have to keep away from and far from it. Few people know that it is another food that makes blood pressure go up a lot.

Those with high blood pressure know how important a healthy lifestyle and nutrition are. The factors that predispose to hypertension, in fact, are many. First of all, familiarity, but no less important is age and overweight. It is precisely for this reason that we must pay attention to our diet to keep blood pressure values ​​under control.

High blood pressure (web source)

The symptoms and risks of high blood pressure

We speak of high blood pressure when the values ​​of arterial pressure exceed 140 on 85 mmHg. Those who suffer from high blood pressure very often also have other symptoms such as headache, lightheadedness, dizziness, epistaxis, i.e. nosebleed, ringing in the ears and mental confusion.

Hypertension, however, can be even more subtle and present as an asymptomatic pathology and this is why it is sometimes difficult to diagnose it in time to undertake a therapy that reduces the consequences and risks.

Until now, however, there has been talk of the extreme need to adopt a diet that is above all low in salt. But salt is not the only one responsible for the more or less sudden increases in pressure. From a recent scientific research conducted by Saint Luke’s Mid America Heart Institute del Kansas Citywould be sugar is the most harmful food for those suffering from high blood pressure.

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Beware of excessive use of sugar and confectionery products

The research published in the prestigious scientific journal America Journal of Cardiology, draws attention to the excessive use of sugars and foods that contain an excessive amount of them. Sugar, in fact, helps to stimulate the nervous system more than it should, causing an increase in heart rate and the consequent rise in blood pressure.

Sugar is the most dangerous food for hypertension (web source)
Sugar is the most dangerous food for hypertension (web source)

Obviously it is not just natural sugar, but all those foods that contain an excessive amount of it. We are therefore talking about fizzy drinks, sweets and even sweeteners. This is why scientists and doctors agree in recommending a balanced diet that preserves our body from the serious risks of suffering from hypertension.

Obviously, if the problem is more rooted, it is very important to contact trusted doctors who will be able to indicate a therapy that is more suited to the need. Yes, anyway, atmoderate physical activitybut above all constant, to the decrease in alcohol consumption and abolition of some dangerous addictions, such as the smoke.

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