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High blood stress: silent killer endangers thousands and thousands – 6 measures to guard you

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High blood stress: silent killer endangers thousands and thousands – 6 measures to guard you

Often goes unrecognized: Millions do not know that they’ve hypertension – 6 measures can defend you

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Almost each third German has hypertension, in line with the official determine. But as specialists now warn, there are various extra who have no idea about their sickness. Doctors are calling for measures to be taken to forestall it.

“Around one in 5 ladies and nearly one in three males know nothing about their hypertension.” With these phrases, Lars Hecht from the Association of Diabetes Consulting and Training Professions in Germany (VDBD) now addresses the general public in a message. The physician warns that many individuals don’t correctly perceive their threat of heart problems. For instance, as a result of they do not know about their elevated blood stress.

According to official figures, 20 to 30 million Germans endure from it. They have been identified with elevated blood stress. However, there are lacking individuals who do not know something about it, emphasizes Hecht. And that’s harmful.

What makes hypertension so harmful?

If hypertension is completely elevated, it damages the blood vessels and places pressure on the organs. Approximately

the guts, the eyes and the kidneys.

And: With elevated blood stress, the chance of cardiovascular ailments and strokes additionally will increase considerably. “Regular blood stress checks are necessary with a purpose to forestall life-threatening well being issues,” advises Hecht. Because hypertension is commonly solely identified when the organs are already broken.

High blood stress can also be referred to as the “silent killer” as a result of it solely turns into noticeable so late. Around 300,000 folks die yearly from cardiovascular ailments, round half of them because of hypertension.

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Risk teams specifically ought to have their values ​​checked routinely. He names folks

Overweight, nicotine consumption and former sicknesses that promote hypertension (reminiscent of diabetes or sleep apnea).

The guideline is that blood stress shouldn’t exceed 140/90 mmHg. For folks with diabetes, an excellent decrease worth of 130/80 mmHg applies. “About 90 p.c of individuals with sort 2 diabetes even have elevated blood stress.”

Blood stress is measured in millimeters of mercury (mmHg). The systolic blood stress measures the stress when the guts beats – when the guts muscle contracts and pumps blood into the vessels. The diastolic Blutdruck measures the stress on the vessels when the guts muscle relaxes – it’s decrease than the systological blood stress.

Optimal blood stress: 120/80 mmHg or beneath and values ​​simply above
Mild hypertension: ab 140/90 mmHg
Moderate hypertension: ab 160/100 mmHg
Severe hypertension: 180/110 mmHg as extreme hypertension

Six measures towards hypertension

In order to decrease blood stress, life-style interventions make sense even earlier than taking treatment. Hecht names six measures.

Reduce physique weight: Every kilogram lowers blood stress.
Long-term dietary modifications : Little animal fats, so decreased fats and many contemporary greens, salad and fish as soon as per week, little salt.
Keep alcohol consumption low: lower than 30 grams of alcohol (for males) or lower than 20 grams of alcohol (ladies) per day. This corresponds to 2 small glasses of beer or wine (for males) or one small glass (for girls).
Movement: Regular endurance sports activities reminiscent of mountaineering, biking, jogging, strolling or swimming (3 instances per week for round 45 minutes) are greatest.
Avoid smoking: Nicotine instantly contributes to the rise in blood stress.
Avoid stress: Long-term stress results in elevated blood stress ranges.

Food for hypertension

In a suggestion, docs from the European Society of Hypertension as soon as once more level out the significance of a nutritious diet, particularly ample potassium consumption.

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Potassium is important for the physique’s survival – each cell in our physique wants the mineral. Without it, the guts, muscle tissues and nervous system don’t operate correctly.

Together with magnesium, potassium stabilizes our coronary heart cells electrically, writes the German Heart Foundation. “This is necessary for the heartbeat. The pumping exercise of the guts is basically primarily based on interactions between varied electrically charged particles inside and outdoors the cells.”

The guideline recommends a day greater than 3000 milligrams of potassium to document. These ought to subsequently primarily be consumed by meals – “since a potassium consumption of as much as 3000 mg might be achieved by 4 to 5 parts of fruit and greens per day alone,” because the High Pressure League explains.

The following meals are appropriate for this, for which the AOK medical insurance firm specifies values ​​per 100 grams.

Soybeans: 1800 mg
Dried apricots: 1370 mg
Dried peaches: 1340 mg
Pistachio nuts: 1020 mg
Dates: 676 mg
Kale: 490 mg
Brussels sprouts: 450 mg
Potatoes (boiled, with pores and skin): 443 mg
Lamb’s lettuce: 420 mg
Bananas: 382 mg

However, there is a vital limitation, emphasize the specialists from the Hypertension League: The suggestion for elevated potassium consumption doesn’t apply to folks with superior continual kidney illness.


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