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High blood sugar? Here are the foods you should definitely avoid (and which ones to prefer)

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High blood sugar?  Here are the foods you should definitely avoid (and which ones to prefer)

High blood sugar should always be kept under control because it could lead to serious health problems. Here’s what you should eat to contain it.

High blood sugar occurs when the blood sugar level is too high. In these cases it is always advisable to act as quickly as possible to reduce the values ​​immediately, because if left untreated, hyperglycemia can generate serious problems for the cardiovascular and nervous systems. It can also damage your kidneys and eyes. In more advanced cases, hyperglycemia could lead to the development of diabetic ketoacidosis and hyperosmolar hyperglycemia syndrome, two very serious conditions.

High blood sugar, foods to avoid – Pontilenews.iy

There are several factors related to lifestyle that favor the increase in glycemic level, including commonly performed physical exercise, stress, low water intake and an unhealthy diet rich in foods with a high glycemic rate. Of course, this is if you don’t have diabetes. But what should you eat, then, to keep blood sugar under control?

High blood sugar: what to eat

First of all, it should be noted that your glycemic index can be high if you have these symptoms: you are always very thirsty, you pee often, you feel weak and tired, you suffer from frequent headaches and your vision is blurred. In some cases you may even start losing weight. If you have these symptoms, you’d better change your diet drastically to avoid permanent damage in the future.

White rice: best avoided if you suffer from high blood sugar – pontilenews

The first tip to follow is to follow a varied and balanced diet low in sugar, sugary foods, sugary drinks, white bread, white rice and potatoes. In general, it would be advisable to follow the Mediterranean diet, which has all the essential nutrients to keep the body healthy. Green light then to fruit and vegetables, even if it would be better to avoid eating large quantities of fruit rich in sugars such as bananas, grapes, dried fruit or figs.

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It is also advisable to eat cheese no more than 2 or three times a week, always preferring fresh and light ones such as ricotta and primosale. Meat is allowed, but only if lean. White meat chicken or turkey would be preferable. In any case, meat consumption should be reduced as much as possible; try replacing it with legumes or fish, which are far healthier. The oil can be added to dishes but strictly raw and the salt should be consumed in extreme moderation (in general it would be better to replace it with spices or aromatic herbs). It is also essential to drink plenty of water and sleep well at night. This way you will keep stress away and your biological clock will work better.

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