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High blood sugar in 60 years: diet and exercises to practice

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The glycemia high indicates an excess of glucose in the blood. Generally speaking, it is a condition that affects the population group, both male and female, between 50 and 60 years old.

If neglected or diagnosed late, thehyperglycemia can have adverse health effects by promoting the onset of diabetes, cardiovascular, renal and neurological diseases. However, a balanced diet reduces the risk of chronic disease. Furthermore, recent studies have found that exercise can also help to effectively counteract it.

Causes of high blood sugar

As we said earlier, high blood sugar signals the presence of sugars in excess in the blood. In a normal individual, that is, with a diet and sports routine, the average values ​​fluctuate between 90 and 130 mg / dl after meals. When fasted, however, they vary between 70 and 110 mg / dl over a 24 hour period.

As for the cause hyperglycemia can be of varying magnitude. With the exception of diabetes mellitus – a chronic disease characterized by low insulin production – there are countless others:

  • food hyperglycemia, caused by the excessive consumption of carbohydrates and sugary drinks;
  • stress hyperglycemia, it is a mostly transitory condition linked to emotional alterations;
  • hyperglycemia from the use of drugs, as a result of taking steroid drugs, beta-blockers and antipsychotics;
  • secondary hyperglycemia, arising from or in association with pancreatitis and thyroid disease.

What are the symptoms

Hyperglycemia, at the onset stage, is either paucisymptomatic or asymptomatic. However, there are some alarm bells which can signal a glycemic variation in excess of the ordinary parameters. Here’s what they are:

  • polyuria (increased diuresis);
  • polydipsia (increased thirst);
  • tiredness;
  • headache;
  • abdominal pain (pain of varying degrees in the abdomen);
  • mood changes;
  • redness of the face;
  • appearance of skin lesions or dark spots;
  • dry skin.
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In addition, sexual problems can also arise such as, for example, erectile dysfunction for men and vaginal dryness for women.

The importance of nutrition

Recent studies have found that hyperglycemia results from excessive consumption of carbohydrates and, more generally, from an unbalanced diet. For this reason it is essential, even before embarking on drug therapy, to adopt a healthy eating style.

Net of precise medical provisions, it is good practice to follow some rules which, if they are not conclusive, certainly prevent the worsening of the general health conditions. Therefore, experts suggest:

  • reduce the intake of carbohydrates and sugary drinks (sweet drinks and carbonated drinks);
  • prefer foods with a high fiber content;
  • drink a lot of water;
  • avoid snacks and refined foods;
  • limit alcohol.

The diet to counteract high blood sugar, it requires the regular consumption of green leafy vegetables (salad, spinach, etc.), legumes and whole grains. Even seasonal fruit can be an excellent ally as long as it is taken away from meals. In any case, we suggest that you consult a nutritionist or your first trusted doctor.

Exercises to practice

Another cause of hyperglycemia is sedentary lifestyle. Given this evidence, it is necessary to combine diet with moderate sporting activity in order to favor the disposal of excess sugars.

It has been shown, in fact, that physical exercise has a hypoglycemic action since it promotes the absorption of glucose in the muscles by reducing its presence in the blood. To obtain satisfactory results, it is not necessary to engage in exhausting training sessions in the gym or subject the body to superhuman efforts. A brisk walk, 20 minutes of treadmill or stationary bike are enough to ensure a general improvement in health conditions.

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Generally, experts recommend alternating betweenaerobic activity to that cardio, preferably in the early hours of the day.

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