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High cholesterol, help comes from dinner: lower it with this food

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High cholesterol, help comes from dinner: lower it with this food

High cholesterol is a disease that can be controlled and lowered with the right diet. An important help comes from dinner, especially if you consume a certain food: this is what it is.

Having cholesterol is normal, as it is a type of fat that is produced by the liver and is needed to regulate a range of organic functions. What is not normal is when your doctor diagnoses hypercholesterolemia. The treatment of which includes a change in lifestyle and a healthy and balanced diet.

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Eating a healthy diet, reducing fat intake, quitting smoking, avoiding excess weight, and doing moderate and regular exercise are just a few starting points for those who suffer from high cholesterol. The diet to prevent this disease is based on a diet rich in fruits and vegetables, whole grains, legumes, fatty fish, nuts and olive oil.

All of these foods provide essential nutrients that help lower total blood cholesterol. Instead, it is necessary to avoid those foods that in their own composition contain abundant saturated fats, harmful to the heart. Among the foods that are good to eat at dinner there is a type of pesce which is really great for those suffering from this pathology.

High cholesterol, fight it at dinner with this fish

We have already talked about a cereal which is a precious ally against ‘bad’ cholesterol. But not everyone knows that an important step must also be taken a cena. Not everyone knows that there is a type of food that can really make a difference to our health. We are talking about the dogfish. A food that is capable of fighting bad cholesterol and also helps vision.

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This food is rich in vitamin Abut not only because it has many others property. It is one of the fish with the lowest cholesterol levels. And therefore he could seriously lend a hand also in this battle by having, among other things, quite important doses of fatty acids omega 3 semi-essential.

But there is more. His calorie intake is low. And if you are on a diet or are thinking of getting back in shape, this fish can really be the right ally. In fact, it lends itself well to different recipes and therefore we can easily check the kilos on the scale without sacrificing taste. The ideal is precisely to consume it for dinner.

The information in the aforementioned article is for informational purposes only and does not have medical purposes for diagnosis or treatment. They are taken from specialized websites and magazines, but they absolutely do not want to replace the opinion of experts in this sector. Therefore it is good to consult your doctor in any case it is necessary.

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