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High cholesterol? These are the foods you need to avoid – the list

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High cholesterol?  These are the foods you need to avoid – the list

Check out the list of foods to avoid if you have high cholesterol. Take care of your health and find out what you shouldn’t eat.

Il cholesterol it is a fatty compound essential for life. It is a constituent of the wall of our cells and is also essential for the synthesis of some hormonal substances and vitamin D.

There are two sources of cholesterol: one part is synthesized from liver (75%) and another part is supplied by power (25%). In case of excess cholesterol, it is deposited on the walls of the arteries forming plaques. As the plaque grows, the caliber of the artery decreases and blood circulates less well. Plaque can also completely block the artery or break away and block another blood vessel in the distance. The arteries most often affected are those of the heart, brain and legs.

High cholesterol

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What are the causes of excess cholesterol?

Excessive consumption of foods high in saturated fats is the leading cause of excess cholesterol. The affected foods are meats, eggs and some dairy products such as cheese or butter.

There are of course other factors. Some diseases can have an impact on cholesterol levels, such as diabetes or kidney or liver disease. Some medications, such as the pill, temporarily raise your blood cholesterol level. When the drug is stopped, the levels return to normal. Finally, there is a genetic predisposition (familial hypercholesterolaemia).

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What are the remedies to lower the cholesterol level?

Changing your diet is the first treatment. Without any medication, it is possible to lower your cholesterol level by 15%! Pharmacological treatments are only proposed at a later stage.

To lower your cholesterol level, you need to limit foods high in saturated fat. To easily recognize them, remember one thing: saturated fats are solid at room temperature. Here are some examples: all that is fried, sauces, butter, lard, all cured meats, cheeses, fatty meats… For example, it is better to use a vegetable oil (olive, walnut, rapeseed…) instead of butter. Some foods also contain saturated fats in a “hidden” way: chocolate, savory biscuits, brioches, ice cream…

Also know that there is no forbidden food, it all depends on the quantity. Meals can be balanced during the week: a festive dinner is possible! Finally, regular physical activity also contributes to lowering the cholesterol level. It is recommended to walk at least 30 minutes a day.

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