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highest infection rate in Italy, healthcare in tilt

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highest infection rate in Italy, healthcare in tilt

ROVIGO – Cold, cough, chills, bone and muscle pain, exhaustion. Symptoms that unite at this moment almost 30 of Polesine out of a thousand. Because the province of Rovigo is caught in the grip of the rise of the contagion of Covid together with the spread of seasonal flu, which this year seems particularly aggressive, as well as having forged ahead. The symptoms, heavy, are similar. And if we add to this the fact that the number of doctors and nurses in hospitals is already reduced to the bone, that there is also a shortage of family doctors forced to follow about two thousand patients each, as well as that doctors and nurses also fall ill, it is clear that Polesine is experiencing a “perfect storm”.

“The situation is complex,” he admits Francis Walnut, president of the Rovigo Medical Association – these days I receive continuous requests for help from doctors because they can’t take it anymore, they’re on their last legs. Not only due to the flu explosion, also due to the fact that the forms of protection that existed during the pandemic have eased, but also due to the resurgence of Covid, with hospitalizations on the rise.

The advice is always the same, to use precautions, because individual behaviors are fundamental. There are few general practitioners, they have all had to increase their ceiling and have to face the increase in bureaucratic tasks, which take up precious time. Even in the emergency room the situation is complicated. They are all giving a thousand per thousand, thanks to their effort we will also overcome this phase. Fortunately, thanks to treatments and above all, to vaccines, we are back to normal after the pandemic restrictions, but we must not stop being careful. I invite everyone to get vaccinated for the flu and to take the booster dose of Covid vaccination».

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As for the flu, Influnet, the Integrated Surveillance System of the Ministry of Health, certifies that between 14 and 20 November the incidence rose to 9.5 cases per thousand compared to 6.9 in the week previous one. But Veneto appears above the average, with an incidence of more than 15 per thousand. Not to mention that in the 0-5 age group, the incidence rises to almost 30 cases per thousand.

On the Covid front, in the latest report by the Gimbe Foundation, relating to the week of 18-24 November, the province is the one that has the highest ever value on a national scale of new cases per 100,000 inhabitants, a good 1,032, followed by Padua with 735 On average in Veneto, the overall positive cases on November 24 amounted to 1,276 for every 100,000 inhabitants. Yesterday’s Company Zero bulletin reported another 342 new infections of the day, with the number of Polesans currently positive equal to 3,573, while the overall deaths rose to 830, 10 only in November which has already passed October, which stopped at 9. Above all, hospitalizations are increasing. There are 73 patients, while two weeks ago there were 45. Three are in intensive care, one in Rovigo and two in Trecenta.

Rovigo then there are another 37 patients between infectious diseases and the isolation “bubbles” in the wards, in Trecenta there are 17 patients in the Covid medical and semi-intensive area and 3 in the community hospital, another 12 in the Adria hospital, one of the such as in the community hospital, while a patient also registers at the Madonna della Salute nursing home, where various positives had emerged in recent days, even among operators. «These are high numbers – explains the health management of the Ulss – but compared to the past, the cases with respiratory complications are low, most of these patients are hospitalized for other reasons. Inevitably all this, with the increase in influenza contagion, with high diffusion and in advance, is causing work overloads ».

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