Home Health Hollow Knight Silk Song’s new film is officially announced, it will be played within a year | Xbox press conference

Hollow Knight Silk Song’s new film is officially announced, it will be played within a year | Xbox press conference

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Hollow Knight Silk Song’s new film is officially announced, it will be played within a year | Xbox press conference

Hollow Knight’s new film, Silk Song It is also very popular, and after a long silence, this game finally has the latest news. The latest video was released at the Xbox and Bethesda game conference held in the early morning of June 13th.

The sequel to God’s work has been long-awaited and it has been officially announced that it will be played within a year

Hollow Knight: Silksong was originally a Scratch goal during Hollow Knight’s fundraising period. It was originally planned to make the heroine “Hornet” (Hornet) into a DLC for playable characters; but then Team Cherry found that what he wanted to do became more and more The more, so it was decided to directly make it a sequel to the game. But after doing this for a few years, there was almost no new news and intelligence except for a demo at the Nintendo booth at E3 2019. At this Xbox conference, a new film was finally released, which is a relief for players who have been waiting for many years (including the author), at least the game is not stillborn.

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That is to say, the new film of the Hollow Knight Silk Song is released and the official means that it will be played within a year:

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Although the video released this time is only about 1 minute, it has a lot to watch. It can be seen from the video that many new actions have been added. For example, you can jump up from the floating platform when you slant down in the air, etc. The moves you can use are also more diverse. In addition to the silk thread attack that has been seen before, there are also vertical attacks that turn the cloak he is wearing into a drill, and long-range attacks that shoot the cloak rolled into a drill. With more moves that can be used, I feel that the action of this episode is much stronger than the previous one. At the same time, the types of organs that can be interacted in the scene are also richer than the previous work.

More moves may also mean stronger enemies…

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This game will log in to Game Pass on the first day of its launch, but unfortunately the game has not yet announced the official release date. However, Xbox mentioned on its official Twitter that all the content disclosed in this conference will be available within 12 months, and some players left a message asking if it means that “Hollow Knight: Song of Silk” will be released within 12 months. , and Xbox has also left a message to confirm; if there is no delay, you won’t have to wait too long to play Silk Song.

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