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Home nursing care, the first Italian CERSI-FNOPI study

by admin
Home nursing care, the first Italian CERSI-FNOPI study

by Marina Vanzetta

30 GEN

Dear Director,
the increase in the elderly population which, according to ISTAT data, will see the over 65s go from 14 million and 46 thousand in 2022 to around 19 million in 2042, the increase in chronic-degenerative diseases, the consequent complexity of care and, therefore, the burden of work at the home community level, make it urgent to describe the work environment and the reality of Italian community care. The grounding of the regulatory redefinition of territorial assistance and the introduction of the family and community nurse, who will play a key role in integrated social and health assistance, cannot disregard the analysis of the current reality in terms of resources, needs outcomes, safety and quality of care.

In the literature it has been demonstrated that there is a clear association between the numerical ratio of patients for each nurse and the mortality or deterioration of the patient’s health. Furthermore, the demand for nursing care at home or “closer to home” is growing exponentially, but what is the starting point? What is the scenario today?

The first national study of the Center of Excellence for Research and Development of Nursing (CERSI) of the National Federation of Nursing Professions (FNOPI) takes off from these basic considerations. The study involves all the Italian regions and, through the collection of data from the structures that deal with home care on the national territory, from nurses, patients, family members and caregivers, aims to give a comprehensive picture of home nursing care.

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The analysis of the different national territorial assistance contexts will allow to increase knowledge and awareness of the need for community healthcare assistance. The availability of specific data will be able to promote and support the figure of the family and community nurse in territorial health care settings, in order to increase the quality of care perceived by patients and their families.

In addition to the numerical data, with this study, it will also be possible to count on information from family members, caregivers and patients on the assistance received and their perception of taking charge. The results of the study could be a tool capable of promoting change and directing political decisions towards the needs of citizens.

Marina VanzettaThe Nurse Online

January 30, 2023
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