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Homeopathic treatment of childhood diseases |  Gesundheit-Aktuell.de

Coughs, colds, hoarseness – and often fever – are almost normal, except for the summer months, when the whole family can breathe freely.

These so-called banal infections not only rob parents of their sleep, they primarily build up protection against allergic diseases. A Munich research group was able to prove that children who frequently suffered from respiratory infections in their first years of life only have a low risk of developing asthma later in life. Siblings, in particular, acquire this natural protection, constantly infecting each other. The fact that children born first suffer from allergies more often than average is associated with the lack of or rather rare airway infections.

Children get sick differently than adults

Most childhood diseases can be treated with the help of homeopathy – and if used properly – can also be cured quickly and without side effects. This is partly due to the fact that the symptoms of the disease are much clearer in children and that they have not yet come into contact with as many drugs and harmful environmental influences as adults.

Children with an acute infection are suddenly very ill, have a high fever and feel really bad. After two days, however, they are lively again. This testifies to a very strong immune system that is supported by the appropriate homeopathic medicine. But not all children have such an excellent constitution. Homeopathy can also help you, but not overnight and only with the help of a homeopathic doctor.

If you treat your children yourself, you should not only have a good guide to look up and a sensibly stocked medicine chest, but also a short line to a homeopathic doctor. Because it is often not easy to find a suitable remedy, as two or three drugs are shortlisted – but you are not 100 percent sure.

The classic childhood illnesses

In contrast to conventional medicine, measles, rubella, mumps, chickenpox, whooping cough or other diseases caused by viruses or bacteria can be treated very well with the help of homeopathy. The self-healing powers of the child stimulated by the homeopathic medicine will accelerate the course of the disease and alleviate the symptoms. The disease is usually over after ten days and the naturally acquired immunity protects against renewed infection for the rest of your life.

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Can the classic childhood diseases be treated homeopathically?

Measles, mumps, rubella, chickenpox and three-day fever are viral diseases. Antibiotics would be useless. Medicine usually relies on the self-healing powers that are great in childhood. The options are wait and see and reduce fever. However, the second weakens the defense and should be avoided. For each of these viral diseases, there is a manageable number of homeopathic medicines that are selected by a knowledgeable doctor depending on the symptoms.

Whooping cough and scarlet fever are bacterial diseases that conventional medicine treats with antibiotics. However, whooping cough only responds in the first stage, later the course remains unchanged, and in the first stage whooping cough is often not recognized. Scarlet fever has usually been very harmless for many years, often without a high fever. However, it can recur several times, which is particularly observed when an antibiotic has been given.

Certain homeopathic remedies are also available for these diseases, which, if chosen correctly, can shorten the course of the disease by many days and help to avoid complications.

Are there homeopathic medicines for children?

Actually, all homeopathic remedies are also suitable for children in individual cases. But in the 200 years of experience that homeopathy has been able to draw on, a number of remedies have proven to be particularly suitable. However, this should not tempt you to use these funds quickly and thoughtlessly. The exact recording of the individual symptom picture is always part of the choice of remedy.

Do children always get a different potency than adults?

Neither the choice of potency nor the frequency and size of the dose is different for children. For acute cases, especially for home use, the potencies D12 or C12 are particularly suitable. In chronic cases, the doctor often chooses a higher potency.

What happens if the sick child receives the wrong homeopathic medicine?

Usually nothing happens, as if only sugar granules had been given. A single dose or one or two repeated doses has practically no side effects. Only the continued administration of the wrong drug can lead to so-called drug symptoms, as in a drug proving.

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The following applies to home use: An attempt in an acute case is always permitted. If there is no improvement in a short time, the drug must be changed. Then the doctor should be consulted.

Homeopathy in self-treatment

On the trail of resemblance

Homeopathy in self-treatment does not require a very complex case analysis. But even a proven indication must be prescribed according to individual aspects. Because only the remedy that is most similar to the overall picture of the symptoms will also help. A good power of observation and a little medical expertise are prerequisites for looking up in a corresponding book and being crowned with success – healing. Because before a drug is given, first of all it must be clear what is to be treated and secondly the symptoms and modalities must be asked very precisely.

For example: headache with fever

These questions lead to the remedy:

Where is the pain? Is it in the forehead, temples, or the back of the head and does it radiate in one direction? How does the pain feel? Is it pressing, pulling, stabbing or boring and what does the patient look like, for example is his face pale or red? When does the patient suffer from the pain? Morning or evening, while sleeping or when the weather changes? What makes the pain better, what makes it worse? For example fresh air, cold compresses or noise? What caused the headache? Was it fear of an exam, trouble or a draft? What other complaints are there?

These medicines come into question:

Aconite napellus – Sturmhut

This is primarily a fever remedy, which has its main indication at the beginning of an illness. You should see an improvement after 2 hours at the latest. Symptoms come on suddenly, often as a result of cold wind or shock. The skin is dry, red, burning. The child is restless and anxious, his throat is red, his mouth is dry and he is thirsty for cold water.> outdoors

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Belladonna – Tollkirsche

The symptoms come on suddenly and violently and often end just as quickly. Together with aconite the main antipyretic: the redness is darker, the pain more pulsating. The child sweats profusely, is less anxious and restless than with Aconitum, more numb, and has glazed eyes.> rest

Bryonia alba – bryony, bryony

This remedy helps with many painful diseases that develop slowly, the pain is sharp. The child is very thirsty, dry mucous membranes, the slightest movement, touch, absolute physical and mental rest, in a warm room, pressure, rest.

Gelsemium sempervirens – Yellow Wild Jasmine

Means for a so-called head flu, the symptoms only develop slowly, dull pain rises from the neck over the head to the forehead. The trigger is often damp weather, excitement or stage fright. Typical are general weakness, tremors, drowsiness. excitement, bad news, morning, sun; Elevation of the head, shooting of the eyes, urination

Phosphorus – Yellow phosphorus

The patient who needs phosphorus is very sensitive and exhausted. He easily overreacts to stimuli. Burning pains, great thirst for cold drinks. Lying on left side, evening, exertion; sleep, food

If the headache does not improve, your homeopathic doctor must be informed. Chronic headaches can only be treated by a doctor; never take medicines during the treatment of a chronic illness without consulting a doctor!

Taking homeopathic medicines for acute symptoms

In acute cases, an improvement should already occur after 15 minutes. Only if there is no further progress after the initial improvement should the remedy be repeated after 15 minutes at the earliest, and the third time after 30 minutes at the earliest. Repeat up to four times a day if necessary. The effect of each gift must be awaited. Let the globules melt in your mouth. If possible, do not eat or drink anything 15 minutes before and 15 minutes after the administration. The German Central Association of Homeopathic Doctors (DZVhÄ) recommends the potency C12 for self-treatment for all homeopathic medicines. A gift is 2-3 globules. Homeopathic medicines are only available in pharmacies.

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