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“Horizon Western Forbidden Land” developer: will not compromise on the PS4 version-Technology-HiNet生活志

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“Horizon Forbidden West” (Horizon Forbidden West) is expected to be exclusively launched on PlayStation4 and PlayStation5 on February 18, 2022. The official PlayStation blog also released a special article yesterday, sharing the creation process of the original protagonist “Yaloi” and mentioning how the sequel benefited from the powerful performance of the PS5 hardware, but the developer Guerrilla Games also gave a guarantee, saying that it would not Will compromise on the PS4 version.

“Each generation of consoles will bring more powerful features, allowing us to add denser polygons to the character model, thereby creating fine details such as peach fluff and smooth outlines, or more subtle texture details and more accuracy. The texture performance and so on,” Guerrilla Games chief character artist Bastien Ramisse said: “In addition to benefiting from the new PlayStation 5 hardware in terms of visuals, we also increased the number of bones and joints, and improved the deformation and facial expressions to one. The new realm makes the character’s performance more convincing and present.”

Turning the conversation around, Bastien Ramisse also said that although the team has been striving for excellence on the PlayStation 5 version of “Horizon Western Forbidden Land”, it does not mean that they will compromise on the PlayStation 4 version. “In fact, we are working on both PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. To develop and test games on a platform, because as a studio, it is also important to ensure that PlayStation 4 players can get the same immersive experience.”

The time point of the story of “Horizon Western Forbidden Land” is set six months after the first generation event. Yaloi travels to the mysterious border of the Western Forbidden Land to investigate a weird red blight. In this unknown land, she will meet a strange new tribe. And more deadly machines. Aloy must walk side by side with old friends and new companions, bravely venture into this new territory, and find the answers needed to save lives on earth.


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