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“Horizon Western Forbidden Land” reveals the details of character art design to welcome the growth and transformation of Yaloi | udn game corner

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“Horizon Forbidden West” (Horizon Forbidden West) will be released on February 18, 2022. The official release of the protagonist Aloy’s character design and details yesterday (27), let’s watch her in the sequel Growth and transformation.

Ben McCaw, Guerrilla’s narrative director, said that Yaloi has gone from being the most insignificant person in the world, the humblest deportee, to a vital figure. And this is not only because she has become the most powerful robot hunter, but also because she has discovered that she is a key figure in understanding the earth’s past and saving its future.

“But Yaloi’s mission is only half completed in “Horizon Expecting Dawn”,” Ben continued: “The old threats are resolved, and new ones follow. A weird red blight is strangling the land. So in the six months between the two games, she has been shouldering a mission, trying to find a way to stop this secretly spreading infection.”

Aloy has been hoeing the strong and supporting the weak in the past. Although she made many friends during the adventure, she still felt like an outsider-she didn’t have a real home. As Yaloi ventures into the mysterious border of the Western Regions Forbidden Land, all aspects of her character will be explored more deeply.

Aloy is highly recognizable with a wavy red braid and an agile warrior figure. In this regard, Guerrilla’s chief character artist Bastien Ramisse explained that when the team designed her style, the clothing considerations were to keep the movements elegant and smooth, and avoid heavy and impractical.

“We are also eager to explore and expand the identity and culture of the tribe. The Utaru tribe, who briefly appeared in “Horizon Expecting Dawn”, will occupy more important space in “Horizon Western Forbidden Area”, including updated designs and more Wear real clothes and use richer materials to create practical clothing suitable for their daily activities, environment and class diversity.”

With the launch of the next-generation console PS5, the development team can also add denser polygons to the character model, creating fine details such as peach fluff and smooth outlines, more accurate material performance, and also increasing the number of bones and joints. , Vivid facial expressions make the character’s performance more convincing and present.

Bastien pointed out that although the team focused on the development of the PS5 version of “Horizon Western Forbidden Land”, it does not mean that it will compromise the PS4 version. “In fact, we are developing and testing games on both platforms at the same time. As a game studio, it is also important to ensure that PS4 players can get the same immersive experience.”

Finally, “Clothing” provided various protection effects for Aloy in the previous game. In the “Horizon Western Forbidden Land” system, the clothing has added skill effects, allowing players to strengthen their abilities in different ways, and through “skills” “Tree” optimizes these skills. In the future, the official will continue to reveal the relevant gameplay.

“Horizon Western Region Forbidden Area” development log: click here

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