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Horror accident in Thuringia: the cause of the accident had borrowed the car privately

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Horror accident in Thuringia: the cause of the accident had borrowed the car privately

Seven dead in Thuringia: the cause of the accident had borrowed the car privately

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The most important

  • Seven people died in a terrible traffic accident in Thuringia – including five 19-year-olds in a car.
  • Now the public prosecutor’s office confirms a turnaround in the case: The 34-year-old, who was initially suspected to be a passenger, is said to have caused the accident. He and a 45-year-old, who was initially traded as a driver, were drunk.

The person who caused the accident had borrowed the car privately

1:51 p.m.: After the serious accident with seven dead near Bad Langensalza, it became known that the suspected cause of the accident borrowed the car privately. This was confirmed by the deputy head of the public prosecutor’s office in Mühlhausen, Ulf Walther, on Thursday. Other media had previously reported. The extent to which the owner of the car is now being investigated must be examined.

“Anyone who lends a vehicle can be liable to prosecution if he does not make sure that the person to whom the vehicle is lent also has a driver’s license,” said Walther. It is a matter of checking whether there is an initial suspicion that “driving without a license is permitted”.

At the moment, investigators are assuming that a 34-year-old man who was critically injured in the accident was driving the car. Its condition is unchanged, said Walther on Thursday afternoon. It was initially assumed that the man was a passenger in the car.

Lovers (19) died in the cruel accident

06.30 a.m.: In the cruel accident in Thuringia, five 19-year-old friends died in one Mercedes. As the “Bild” newspaper writes, two of them were lovers: Dennis and Anika. The paper quotes the uncle of the dead man: “My nephew Dennis is among the victims of this terrible accident.” According to his statement, the two young people had finished school and had recently started training at a bank in Mühlhausen. The uncle: “You would have had a wonderful life ahead of you.”

The Mercedes, which was hit frontally by the person who caused the accident, belonged to the mother of one of the occupants. On Tuesday, friends of the five dead in Mühlhausen organized a commemoration meeting. More than 1000 people came.

New findings: Alleged passenger (34) drove an accident car

1:10 p.m.: According to the investigators, the 45-year-old man who was originally suspected was not behind the wheel of the car that caused the accident in the serious traffic accident that killed seven people in Thuringia. According to the investigations so far, it is now “certain” to assume that a 34-year-old man who was critically injured in the accident was driving the car, said the deputy head of the Mühlhausen public prosecutor’s office, Ulf Walther, of the German Press Agency on Wednesday. This resulted from the evaluation of traces and the questioning of witnesses.

“These findings are based on statements by first responders, the 45-year-old passenger and technical investigations. For example, the seat belt mark – in the event of an accident, there are high forces, the seat belt presses into the body and causes hematomas. The structure of these hematomas was present in the 34-year-old,” Walther also said to “Bild”.

The 34-year-old is still in mortal danger, he is currently not able to be heard. It was initially assumed that the younger man was a passenger in the car that had encountered oncoming traffic on the Bad Langensalza bypass on Saturday and collided with two vehicles there.

Friend of teenagers organizes funeral service – more than 1000 participants

12.30 p.m.: “What the emergency services experienced during this operation cannot be put into words and cannot be compared with anything. That was the most difficult operation in history in our area of ​​​​responsibility,” says fireman Steven Dierbach in an interview with “RTL News“. A friend of the teenagers, also 19-year-old David Hellbig, organized a memorial service for the deceased Tuesday night. Two of them were his best friends, he says. He drove past the scene of the accident himself and was informed by the police that there had been an accident and that he had to take a detour. He only found out what had happened in his parents’ house: “I found out at home that my friends were dead. “

In order to process his grief, the student quickly organized a commemoration event. More than 1,000 people attended on Tuesday evening. After a short speech, they laid flowers and candles on the Mühlhausen sub-market and then marched to the youth church. There they set up a white heart for the young accident victims. On Wednesday evening there will be an ecumenical funeral service in Mühlhausen’s Divi Blasii Church.

Firefighter: “The worst and most tragic mission ever”

Wednesday, April 5, 12:10 p.m.: The “Bild” newspaper quotes one of the rescuers – city fire chief Steven Dierbach: “I’ve been in the fire truck for 25 years, had 5000 calls, but this accident was the worst and most tragic of all for our blue light family.” It happened at the accident site Picture offered, “what no one could put into words,” says the firefighter. The rescuers “simply just worked” on site.

19 firefighters were deployed. It is said that pastors are now available to you. “As a team, we will work through this terrible accident bit by bit,” says Dierbach of “Bild”.

7 dead after accident in Thuringia – Suspect built drunk accident years ago

12:00 o’clock: The 45-year-old man is said to have broken both arms and suffered a fractured rib, and a 34-year-old man in the same car was also seriously injured. As reported by “Bild”, both suspects are said to have been drunk. A neighbor of the 45-year-old saw the man drinking with friends on his balcony in the afternoon – just hours before the fatal crash. In addition, he is said to have had a serious accident in 2005, even then he was drunk. According to “Bild”, doctors gave him a 20 percent chance of survival.

Also 34-Year-old in the suspicion of the investigators

1:01 p.m.: Testimonies from first responders, the evaluation of traces and the statement of the 45-year-old now put the 34-year-old under suspicion. “But the investigations are not yet complete,” emphasized Deputy Head Ulf Walther. The 34-year-old himself has not yet been questioned. According to Walther, however, it is clear that both men were “under the considerable influence of alcohol” and neither of them had a driver’s license. The driver involved in the accident is now being investigated in seven cases on suspicion of homicide. Walter FOCUS confirmed this online on request. “This also includes negligent homicide,” the spokesman continued.

Commemoration and mourning flags after an accident with seven dead

Tuesday, April 4, 11:39 am: In memory of the seven accidental deaths over the weekend in Thuringia, the district office in the Unstrut-Hainich district ordered mourning flags to be displayed on Tuesday. The flags on public buildings wear crape, as the district office in Mühlhausen announced on request. The people in the villages from which the young accident victims came were in shock, said the superintendent of the evangelical church district of Mühlhausen, Andreas Piontek.

Interior Minister Maier wants 0.0 alcohol limit for drivers

Monday, April 3, 8:09 p.m.: After the serious accident with seven dead in Bad Langensalza (Unstrut-Hainich district), Minister of the Interior Georg Maier called for stricter rules for driving under the influence of alcohol. “Alcohol is always the cause of particularly serious accidents. I am therefore in favor of lowering the blood alcohol limit to 0.0,” said the SPD politician in an interview with the “Thuringian General” (Tuesday).

“So much life wiped out in seconds”

Saturday, April 1, 10:00 p.m.: In Thuringia there is great dismay after the serious traffic accident with seven dead. Prime Minister Bodo Ramelow (left) wrote on Twitter: “I mourn the dead and feel for the relatives. So much life wiped out in seconds. The bewilderment remains.”

Now seven cases of homicide are being investigated

Original message: A terrible accident on the B247 in Thuringia killed seven people. Among the fatalities are five 19-year-olds who burned in their car. One of the 19-year-olds was the daughter of a police officer who was on duty herself on the day of the accident. It is still unclear exactly how the crash happened. One thing is clear: three cars were involved.

As reported by the “Bild” newspaper, a 45-year-old should be with his BMW crossed into the oncoming lane. There he collided with a Mercedes and a VW. The Mercedes and the VW burst into flames and burned out completely. In addition to the five teenagers in the Mercedes, the driver of the VW (60 years old) and an occupant of the BMW (44) died.

The legal classification will result from the results of the accident report, the spokesman said. “But we haven’t got that yet. We therefore first have to wait for the report from the experts on the dynamics of the accident, whether the driver was actually under the influence of alcohol, for example, or which other factors may have played a role in how the accident happened.” This also includes the evaluation of any witness statements on the course of the accident .

How violent the collision must have been could be read from the rubble: Two of the vehicles were destroyed beyond recognition – one of the charred wrecks lay across the guardrail, the other remained standing on the road with a shredded body. The third car was overturned on the side of the road.

All victims died in their vehicles. According to police, the bodies could only be recovered after the flames had been extinguished. At times, residents in the vicinity were asked to keep windows and doors closed because of the toxic clouds of smoke.

Experts are now busy illuminating the background of the dramatic accident. After all, after such a devastating accident, many questions arise: How could it be that so many people lost their lives in a collision? Why did the cars burn out? And how did the accident happen?

The accident happened on a long curve. As the “Bild” newspaper writes, there was an overtaking maneuver shortly before the crash.

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