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Hospital pharmacy, how to make things easier

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Dear manager,

I would like to submit a question to those of competence.

Now the premise.

Currently, if a general practitioner prescribes a medicine supplied by the hospital pharmacy, it is necessary to go to the doctor’s office to get the paper prescription and go to the hospital to obtain the drug from the pharmacy staff where the relevant treatment plan was previously filed .

The latter is also carried by hand by the patient from the various hospital departments. It is clear that this involves an investment of time that can be very significant for the patient: making an appointment with the doctor’s secretary, finding parking, etc. etc. Alas in covid time the wastes of time are higher, and above all the risks are greater.

Now the question. With the technology that exists today, is it ever possible that it is not possible to ensure that there is a direct sending, via the Internet, of the prescription from the doctor’s office and even before that of the treatment plan from the hospital ward?

We are talking about drugs related to a therapeutic plan that do not arise from the doctor’s professional visit to the patient, therefore drugs that can be prescribed after a phone call to the doctor’s secretary. The transition from the outpatient clinic to the hospital pharmacy should not take place by scanning the prescriptions but automatically immediately after the prescription. There would also be appreciable paper savings.

Enzo Iannaccone

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