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Hospital, Urbinati against the Region: “Silence on the closure of emergency medicine. Serious inconveniences also in Gastroenterology”

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SAN BENEDETTO DEL TRONTO – Below is a note that arrived in the editorial office on November 20, by Fabio Urbinati, coordinator of Italia Viva. It highlights an increasingly worse reality for the “Madonna del Soccorso” after the protests of those who did not want the real hospital (first level that is) halfway between Ascoli and San Benedetto and now weeps over spilled milk. But this note also highlights a curious detail: “regional forecast for the new hospital of first level in San Benedetto“, Where Urbinati read it is not known. In yesterday’s meeting in the Municipality and in the notes of the Region, the word FIRST LEVEL is not never appeared. New yes, but it doesn’t mean anything. The classifications of hospitals cannot be considered merely optional. A great responsibility for Fabio Urbinati.

“Almost a month after the closure of the Murg, nothing is moving and nothing interests anyone starting from the Marche region. It is incredible how in just one year of government, the Acquaroli Council has already lost its compass on healthcare, forgetting all the promises made during the election campaign.

Now last in chronological order, but not least, the discomfort of the Gastroenterology department is also added which, at the Madonna del Soccorso has the headquarters of the entire vast area 5. There are no doctors and the department is really at the limit of shift management. Furthermore, the closure of Emergency Medicine is creating enormous inconvenience to the entire emergency room of the Sambenedettese hospital including the other departments. If the contagions were to flare up, what would happen?

I would softly recall that the Murg of the “Madonna del Soccorso” was decisive in saving lives both in the first and second waves of the pandemic. It is a highly specialized department that treats patients in semi-intensive and in the critical days of Covid it has come to have up to 14 patients.

The fact is that the resolution of the regional council 272 of March 2020 clearly and unequivocally provided that all the hospitals that had been transformed into Covid hospitals would have kept all the technological and human equipment they had acquired during the management of the emergency. Indeed, despite San Benedetto was a Covid hospital, Acquaroli and company take wards away from us and close themselves in a shameful silence.

Now we are waiting to know how many resources will be allocated with the upcoming regional budget for the new first level hospital in San Benedetto. Only in this way will they be able to convince us that this is not a blatant mockery. The operators of our hospital need to feel the closeness of the institutions and politics, the region can and must resolve this shameful question of the Murg, without resorting to interminable bureaucratic procedures. Whoever should raise his voice is beating his fists “

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