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Hot alert: this is what the doctor advises about the head

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Hot alert: this is what the doctor advises about the head

We are at the end of July and this sultry heat that has hit the Italian territory does not seem to want to stop. The Ministry of Health‘s heat wave bulletin warns that temperatures will rise even more in the coming days. The heat becomes a great enemy of health if the outside temperature exceeds 32-35 degrees and is accompanied by a high degree of humidity.

This, in fact, hinders regular sweating and adversely affects the circulation of the legs. To withstand the summer temperatures, we start from the table. Under the pressure of the heat, especially in cities, it is even more essential to follow a healthy, varied and balanced diet.

Hot alert: this is what the doctor advises about the head

It is also very important to ensure good hydration, drinking at least 1.5-2 liters per day or even more if you sweat a lot, and a correct hydro-saline balance. But the heat also affects the circulation of the legs, especially in women. Sensation of weightiness in the lower limbs, tingling, swelling of the feet and ankles and capillaries in evidence are just some of the symptoms that come with the increase in temperature.

To reduce the risk of encountering blood circulation disorders, also in this case the advice is to follow a healthy diet and ensure proper hydration, but also to do regular physical activity. Then, it is good to avoid very tight clothes, uncomfortable shoes or shoes with too high heels, sitting or standing too long.

But another important precaution to take is that concerning the protection of one’s head from the sun. In fact, in addition to heating us, the hair has another fundamental function that becomes more evident in the summer: to defend the skin of the head, one of the parts of the body most exposed to solar radiation. For this reason, the advice is to apply sunscreen not only on the lengths, to limit aesthetic damage.

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The roots, especially those of the hair, are light, few or thin and for this reason they remain the skin most exposed to the sun’s rays and therefore more prone to irritation, redness and dermatitis. The most efficient way to protect your head from the sun, however, is to limit direct exposure for long periods, as well as to cover it with hats and headbands, of course.

So here are the precautions to take against the scorching heat, especially for your head.

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