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Hot water and honey in the morning, the benefits

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Hot water and honey in the morning, the benefits

Hot Water and Honey: The New Morning Routine That’s Taking Over

For years, the debate on the best morning routine has been ongoing. From hot water and lemon to eating a kiwi on an empty stomach, everyone seems to have their own opinion on what is best for the body. However, a new drink combination is gaining popularity and could potentially be the new go-to for starting the day off right: hot water and honey.

This simple drink combo seems to have a lot of benefits for the body, but it’s important to note that it may not be suitable for everyone. The recommended recipe is a glass of hot water with a teaspoon or two of honey added in. It’s crucial to ensure the water is not boiling, as this could cause the honey to lose its beneficial properties.

Honey is known for being a nutrient powerhouse, containing over 100 different vitamins and minerals. When combined with hot water, it creates a perfect blend that can provide energy throughout the day. Some benefits of this drink include purifying the intestine, providing energy, acting as an antioxidant, and hydrating the body.

While this drink is best consumed in the morning on an empty stomach, some individuals also find it beneficial to drink in the evening before bed as it helps with relaxation. It’s important to note, however, that those with high cholesterol or diabetes should be cautious of the sugar content in honey and may want to limit their intake.

In conclusion, the hot water and honey combo could potentially be the new morning routine that everyone needs. But as with any health regimen, it’s essential to personalize it to suit your body’s individual needs. So, if you’re looking for a new way to start your day off right, consider giving hot water and honey a try.

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