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hours for public and private employees, availability brackets and exemptions

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hours for public and private employees, availability brackets and exemptions

Fiscal visits 2022, hours and availability bands for public and private employees have not changed. Below is a summary of the rules regarding INPS checks in the event of illness and the exemptions provided for.

Tax Visits 2022what are the timetables that they must respect public and private employeesand which ones availability bands?

They are not reported Announcements in matters of tax views, i checks made by INPS doctors in case of disease.

It is not always necessary to be available at the communicated address during the hours of the 2022 tax visits, considering the various exemption cases provided that allow workers to be absent.

So let’s see the rules to keep in mind step by step, differentiated by public and private employees.

Tax Visits 2022: Complete Guide for Public and Private Employees

Fiscal visit hours 2022

They have not changed hours of fiscal visits 2022.

There are two availability bandsi.e. the periods of the day during which it is possible that i INPS doctors carry out i checks on ascertaining the condition indicated in the certificate of the general practitioner.

They are different for the public employees and for those who work in the private sectordespite the shared desire for a unification of the rules.

During the hours and availability bands, the worker on sick leave must be available at the address communicated to the Institute.

Please note that tax visits can be carried out 7 days a week, including weekends and holidaysand that it is also legitimate to carry out more checks by INPS doctors during the same day.

Availability bands and hours of tax visits for private employees

The tax inspection hours 2022or the availability ranges for private employeesare the following:

Private Sector Worker Availability bands (7 days out of 7 including weekends and holidays)
Morning 10:00/12:00
Afternoon 17:00/19:00

Availability bands and hours of tax visits for public employees

As for theschedule of fiscal visits 2022 for i public employees the following are fixed availability bands:

Public Sector Worker Availability bands (7 days out of 7 including weekends and holidays)
Morning 9:00/13:00
Afternoon 15:00/18:00

Also for civil servants, including teachersworkers of Local Authorities, personnel of the Armed Forces and Police, the fiscal visits are carried out by INPS doctors.

The control function is entrusted to INPS single pole.

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To counter the phenomenon of false diseases, the possibility of requesting also has been foreseen multiple tax visits in one dayand also near the weekly rest, holidays or weekends.

Fiscal visits 2022: INPS rules on times and availability bands

Knowing timetables and availability bands is the first step to understand the rules underlying the 2022 tax visits.

During the times indicated above, the sick worker can be checked by the INPS doctors. Everything starts with the request for the certificate of illness to your general practitioner, in which the contact address for the tax visit is indicated.

The doctor sends a copy of the medical certificate to INPS, and the worker can request that an electronic copy be sent to his or her certified e-mail box.

The employee, within two days of the occurrence of the illness, must send a copy of the certificate or protocol number indicated in the same to the employer.

It is only after the medical certificate has been sent that the procedures relating to tax visits.

During one day, two tax visits can also be made during the hours of availability. It is therefore essential not to leave home, to avoid incurring penalties.

Penalties for absence of tax visits 2022

For the worker who is absent from work in case of illness and, if he is not available at the address indicated in the case of a tax visit during the availability brackets, the application of penalty for unjustified absence.

In case of absence and unavailability during the time slots for tax visits to the worker a part of the salary is deducted.

the sanctions for absence during the fiscal hours visits are the following:

  • 100 percent the deduction of salary for the first 10 days of the disease;
  • 50 percent for the following days.

Workers absent from the address indicated for tax visits can still submit, within 15 days from the sanction notified, a valid justification for unjustified absence.

In fact, although the obligation to be available for the worker in the previously indicated time slots has been established, some are foreseen cases of exemption.

Tax visits 2022: how to communicate absence or change of address

The public employee in the event of absence from his home during the hours of the 2022 tax visit is obliged to notify his administration.

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The notification of absence from home (for example for a visit or for other justified reasons) it will then be sent by the PA office to the INPS in a timely manner, to exclude the tax visit to the employee.

Further details on this are contained in the INPS message which is attached below:

INPS – message number 1399 of 29 March 2018
Single pole for tax visits. Summary and update of the provisions in force

How to behave when you get sick in a different cityand it becomes necessary communicate a different address for any INPS tax visits? In the event that you fall ill during your holidays, the worker is obliged to communicate the change in the on-call address to INPS.

The communication of the change of address is done exclusively online, through the service “Citizen Help Desk for VMC”, introduced by INPS with circular no. 106 of 23 September 2020.

The public or private employee, after authentication on the INPS site, will be able to access it through the section dedicated to Online Services.

As specified by the INPS circular:

  • each new availability communicated, within the same valid sickness certificate, implies the automatic cancellation of any previous availability limited to the overlapping period between the periods of the two variations communicated;
  • every availability is historicized, in order to avoid losing track of the addresses that may have been used for any medical check-ups.

Remember that previously you could change the address of visits due to illness through their doctor who, when he processed the certificate to be sent to INPS, made the necessary changes, or through the INPS Contact Center or via email.

These communication methods will remain usable only in case of unavailability of the telematic service.

Public or private workers who are not entitled to social security protection from the disease are in any case required to promptly notify their employers of any change in availability.

Tax exemption 2022: when and for whom

The INPS rules on tax visits 2022 provide for cases of exemption from the obligation of availability. In some cases, the worker is allowed to leave home even during the time of availability.

However, the absence must be communicated to the employer, justified and must not compromise the health and recovery of the worker.

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For public or private sector employees they are provided exemptions from tax visits in the following cases:

  • absence due to force majeure;
  • situations that made it necessary for the worker to be immediately present elsewhere;
  • visits, services and specialist assessments at the same time as the tax visit.

Some examples, confirmed by practice and jurisprudence, of justified absence from one’s home during the availability brackets for tax visits are:

  • medical visits at your doctor, when it is impossible to carry them out outside the range of availability;
  • necessity of injections for treatments related to the cause of presentation of the medical certificate at work;
  • withdrawal of radiography linked to the medical certificate;
  • dental care urgent;
  • need to travel to Pharmacy.

But based on the law and on cases repeatedly admitted by jurisprudence, it is possible to be absent from home after having presented the medical certificate even in cases not strictly related to the disease:

  • voluntary activities that do not affect the state of health indicated in the medical certificate presented at work;
  • visit to relatives in the hospitalif the visiting time coincides with the availability bands for tax visits.

In cases of severe pathologies exemption from tax visits is envisaged for those presenting a working medical certificate.

INPS sickness certificate E code: what is it for?

When it comes to exemptions from tax visits there is a lot of confusion, and periodically important clarifications on the rules to follow arrive from INPS.

One of the last in chronological order concerns the indication of Code E in the certificate of diseases. What is it for?

This is not a useful element for the purpose of communicating the exemption from INPS tax visits. It was in fact a common belief that the indication of this code made it possible to avoid tax visits during the hours of availability.

The denial came directly from INPS, which clarified that the code E on certificates does not have the purpose of exemption but it is for internal use of the Institute.

The exemption from tax visits concerns only availability and not control. This therefore means that the agreed control will always be possible.

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