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How about making some pretty hanging decorations?

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A few well-arranged decorations here and there are always a good idea to make a room more homely and stylish or to get into the right festive mood. But hanging decorations always have a special charm, don’t you think? How about making a beautiful hanging decoration for the coming spring?

Quelle: @littlemiisscraftss/Instagram

Whether it’s spring decorations, Easter decorations for the spring bouquet or simply something neutral to freshen up your living space – pretty hanging decorations can be made with simple materials, as you’ll soon see.

Make butterfly vases as hanging decorations

Quelle: @mama.jots/Instagram

The pretty, hanging vases with butterfly wings can display the first spring flowers or dried flowers.

Glittery craft paper Construction paper template for wings (or free hand) Glittery pipe cleaners Scissors, glue Hanging ribbons Materials for creating the wings Source: @mama.jots/Instagram

How to make hanging decorations for spring:

Print and cut out the templates and transfer them to construction paper. Cut out the butterfly wings. Cut out circles for the heads from the glitter paper and make small funnels. Glue the wings to the funnel and butterfly head. Punch holes in the funnel in two opposite places, insert the ribbon through the holes and tie knots on the inside to prevent the ribbon from slipping out. Alternatively, you can just glue it on and design the butterfly wings as you wish. Cut a pipe cleaner in half and form antennae out of them, which you also glue to the butterfly. Place flowers in the vase and hang them up.

Free butterfly print template

Hanging decoration for windows or ceilings made of light bulbs

Quelle: @littlemiisscraftss/Instagram

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You can make the beautiful light bulbs with glitter, as in the example, but also with simple acrylic paint. Usually they are designed from the inside, but if you also want to use them as vases for real flowers, we recommend the outside.

Light bulbs in any color Acrylic paint or napkin glue and glitter Yarn Hot glue Source: @littlemiisscraftss/Instagram

And this is how you can make the hanging decoration:

Put the glitter on a deep plate or in a wide bowl. Coat the bulb with the glue and roll it through the glitter. Allow the glue to dry. Then wrap the yarn around the socket of the light bulb, forming the long loop for hanging.

Make hanging decorations with flower bulbs – kokedama with spring flowers

Quelle: @floralartforum/Instagram

You can conjure up attractive kokedama on the spring flowers you bought in pots and then hang them up (or just stand them up). You don’t need to be a florist to make them because it’s so easy that even beginners can do it.

Any flower bulbs, preferably small groups on a pot Flower wire Potting soil Moss Yarn Optionally something to hang up, e.g. B. a branch Source: @akathegirlwhogardens/Instagram

And this is how it’s done:

Remove the onion group from the pot. Firmly press potting soil around the root ball. Wrap the whole thing with the moss and tie it in place with floral wire. Now wrap yarn around the finished Kokedama so that you can hang the decoration from the ceiling.

Further instructions can be found in this post.

Quelle: @thesussexgardener/Instagram

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The kokedama should not be hung in direct sunlight. If you want to use the decoration for the window, make sure it is an east-facing window or is hung high enough to avoid direct sunlight. To water, remove the kokedama and water it in a place where it can then drain. Once the excess water is gone, you can hang it up again.

Make a wreath with kokedama as a hanging decoration

Source: @the_flowerbank/Instagram

Would you like to go one step further? Then create a spring wreath from the kokedamas you made. For this you can use a ready-made wreath blank made from willow branches or vines or tie one yourself. Then use floral wire to attach the flower arrangements and other decorations as desired.

Bird pendant for mobile, Easter bouquet and window decoration

Source: @katemillbank/Instagram

A beautiful spring decoration couldn’t be easier! Print out the template, select any motifs from it and cut them out. Transfer them to any color of construction paper and design with markers. You can let your creativity run wild. Punch holes in each design and tie string.

Source: @katemillbank/Instagram

Use the pendants for a mobile or to decorate the spring bouquet. You can also hang the birds in front of the window. Or get branches for hanging (e.g. birch branches) for decoration and attach your bird pendants there.

Tipp: Did you also notice the garland? Using a needle and thread, simply sew pumpkin seeds together. It’s that easy to make and gives your spring or Easter bouquet the finishing touch.

Print birds

Pendant for the Easter bouquet with wooden discs

Quelle: @tonerosedesign/Instagram

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You can see wooden discs everywhere. No wonder, because you can get really creative with them and it doesn’t even have to be anything complicated. See for yourself how easy it is to create a hanging tree disc decoration:

Construction paper wooden discs ribbon or yarn templates for bunnies or self-drawn glue

How to make this cute hanging decoration:

Print out one of our templates and cut it out to create a stencil. Use them to transfer the motif onto the construction paper in the desired color and cut it out again. Glue it to the wooden disc as shown in the picture. Glue the twine to hang. Your first trailer is ready. If you want, you can also glue a small pompom as a tail or let whiskers stick out on fine strips of paper or wool threads on the sides.

Printable Easter bunny template

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