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How beautiful are online certificates. But then let’s abolish them

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Some revolutions come suddenly, when you no longer hoped for it. Says the Minister for Innovation, Vittorio Colao: “From 15 November to have a registry certificate it will no longer be necessary to go to the counter, just sit at your computer and download it. Without even paying the stamp duty, which in some cases reaches up to 16 euros “.

Everyone said this before Colao, the premier said it Conte, Gentiloni, Renzi, Letta, Mario Monti and going back, perhaps the first who said it was Franco Bassanini, father of a reform of the Public Administration more than twenty years ago: we have been waiting for digital certificates ever since, and since then we have been waiting not to wait in line to have a piece of paper from our municipality, since then we have dreamed of no longer having to waste time. Well, there we are: it took more than twenty years because it was necessary to create the Anpr, the Registry of the resident population, or to digitize the databases of almost 8 thousand municipalities and connect them together.

The Anpr project started about ten years ago, I remember the first experimentation with the first Municipalities who tried to transform folders into digital files. In certain moments it was a crossing in the desert, and if today we are at the finish line we also owe it to the many who have dealt with it in past governments. But Vittorio Colao cuts the finish line: in the photos of November 15, 2021 there will be this minister with his arms raised like a cyclist who tells us that from today marital status, birth and marriage you can get them online from your home computer.

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All beautiful, but with a discordant note: still certified? Are we digitizing a piece of prehistory? Do we still need to show certificates in 2021? By law Shouldn’t the Public Administration stop asking us to certify information it already has? The answer is yes. But we will get there, it will be the next step. Link all other public administrations to each other as well. And then the certificates will not be digital. They will just disappear.


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