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how do surgery and aesthetic medicine work today? – Targatocn.it

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Italians are increasingly resorting to medicine and cosmetic surgery, with a marked increase in treatments and interventions after the reduction occurred on the occasion of the lockdown for the Covid-19 pandemic.

According to an in-depth analysis by Repubblica, in the pre-summer months of 2021 there was a 20% increase in requests, with a considerable growth of 67% compared to the pre-covid period in 2019.

Also according to AITEB, the Italian Botox Aesthetic Therapy Association, there was a 20% increase in botulinum toxin treatments, especially those on the upper part of the face. Among the most popular interventions in the last year are leg liposuction, reduction and additive mammoplasty, belly liposuction, abdominoplasty, oculoplasty and blepharoplasty with plexer.

Medicine and cosmetic surgery: the importance of contacting an experienced professional

The high demand for treatments and surgeries and aesthetic medicine must not lower attention to the issue of safety, emphasizing the importance of contacting a serious, competent and qualified professional.

This is a fundamental requirement to be sure of a safe treatment, relying on an expert doctor able to propose a healthy approach to aesthetic interventions, without distorting the physiognomy of the face or the natural conformation of the body.

Among the specialists in Italy who do not believe in universal models of beauty is Dr. Gianpaolo Tartaro, doctor, professor and plastic surgeon specialized in plastic, aesthetic and reconstructive surgery e maxillofacial surgery.

For more than twenty years it has been offering authentic solutions for men and women who want to correct a series of defects in clinics in Naples, Caserta and Lecce, always starting from listening to the psychological motivations of patients and using cutting-edge techniques and procedures in the sector.

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However quality, professionalism and safety are essential aspects when you want to undergo a treatment or surgery of medicine and cosmetic surgery, to obtain the maximum safety it’s a success without risk or inconvenience. In these circumstances, it is essential to contact a professional specialized in the treatment that you want to perform, with adequate skills, able to manage any complications and constantly updated in aesthetic fieldFurthermore, it is essential that the structure where the doctor carries out his activity is in compliance with the law, respecting the sanitation parameters provided for by Italian laws and equipped with efficient instruments that are subjected to regular routine checks. At the same time, i materials used must be safe and high quality, so that they are not rejected by the body and do not cause a series of contraindications that can occur when a professional aesthetic intervention is not performed.

What is the difference between medicine and cosmetic surgery?

Often there is a tendency to confuse medicine and cosmetic surgery, however they are two distinct fields which provide a different approach to the treatment of physical and aesthetic defects.

In particular, the Cosmetic Surgery includes a number of surgical interventions for the correction of defects, which usually cause physical or psychological problems to people by compromising social relationships and their personal self-esteem.

The aesthetic medicine, on the other hand, it does not involve surgery, but a series of treatments to eliminate or reduce some imperfections of the body and face, using non-invasive techniques and materials tolerated by the body. The choice depends on the type of defect, its severity and the results to be obtained, however the specialist support to identify the best and most suitable solution for each specific circumstance.

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What are the main medical and cosmetic surgery interventions and treatments?

As far as the aesthetic medicine of the face is concerned, the main treatments are the botox, to minimize wrinkles and rejuvenate the face, the hyaluronic acid filler to counteract the signs of aging, or the biorevitalization to deeply nourish the skin of the face and neck with micro-injections of bio-stimulating drugs. In the field of soft lifting, on the other hand, there are the suspension wires, a treatment that allows you to better define the face and reduce the loss of skin tone.

Facial cosmetic surgery operations are numerous, like the blepharoplasty to rejuvenate the eye area, the rhinoplasty to correct nose defects andotoplastic to fix the imperfections of the ears such as the classic protruding ears. After that, there are also interventions like the face lifting, with which to eliminate the excess skin and lift the tissues, or the lifting of the eyebrow or cheekbones to intervene in specific areas of the face.

For the body of women the main treatments concern the breast lift to lift it up and shape it, or the breast augmentation and reduction to increase and decrease the volume of the breast.

For men and women the most requested body intervention is the liposuction to remove excess fat deposits; With the’abdominoplasty instead it is possible to reshape the shape of the belly and restore an optimal tone to the abdomen. For men there is also the gynecomastia, an operation that allows you to eliminate excess breast tissue and tone the appearance of the chest.

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