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How fast to walk to lose weight in a short time: unexpected results

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How fast to walk to lose weight in a short time: unexpected results

Science reveals a trick that will change your results, do it and you’ll lose weight in no time!

In an era where the obsession with fitness is ever greater and the desire to lose weight is often the center of attention, the Internet is full of advice, diets and exercise regimens that promise amazing results.

Fast walk (AdobeStock photo) – The indiscreet

In this context, however, few know that there is an exercise easier than expected and operational by all among the options for losing weight. It’s not about a magic formula or access to an expensive gym membership, but something surprisingly simple like walking, as long as it’s done right.

Brisk walking, this is the most effective method of losing weight, but at what speed?

In fact, we will have to be careful, because many may be used to it take long walks and yet not get the right resultthis is simply because they are not doing it right.

How fast to walk to lose weight fast
Fast walk (Photo from Adobe) – L’indiscreto.it

With brisk walking, in fact, we are not talking about a distracted walk but a real physical exercise in which the right speed can make the difference between a pleasant walk and an effective workout that leads to weight loss, and it is precisely here that science comes to our attention. rescue. Experts dug deep to figure out a what speed you have to walk to get unexpected results in terms of weight loss, and what they found may surprise you.

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If you think maxing out the speed is the answer, wait a minute, studies show that there is an optimal speed that allows you to burn fat efficiently without overstraining your body. This speeddefined by many as “brisk walk“, is between 5 and 6.5 kilometers per hour. At this pace, the body is able to optimize the use of fat as an energy source, promoting weight loss.

When we walk at a brisk pace, in fact, we are not only working the heart and lungs, but we are also putting the body into a mode where it burns more calories from fat. This may seem like a minor detail, but it’s actually a game changer for anyone looking for effective ways to lose weight.

How fast to walk to lose weight fast
walk, the right pace (Photo from Canva) L’Indiscreto.it

Another important aspect is the regularity, walk once a week, Indeed, won’t do miracles but adopting this habit as part of the daily routine can really lead to remarkable results in a short time and, just as importantly, walking also has many other health benefits, how to improve mood and reduce the risk of chronic diseases.

At this point, all you have to do is put on your running shoes and go out on the road, without however basking in scrutinizing the horizon but maintaining the right speed, the results will not be long in coming and they will be surprising!

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