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How is Fedez? Chiara Ferragni is back on social media, the signal of recovery

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How is Fedez?  Chiara Ferragni is back on social media, the signal of recovery

The best news was received only a few hours ago. The intervention of his Federico (for all Fedez) it went well. And so in an instant anxiety and fears ended up in the drawer of memories. Because now in the life of Chiara Ferragni the ingredients of what was his life before pancreatic cancer of the singer who had worried him and the whole family.

“My hero,” she wrote on social media just a few hours ago showing the photo (already posted by Fedez after surgery) with the scar on the abdomen after surgery. Thus also responding to those who only a few days ago, strangled by their social silence, had thought and written about a possible crisis between the two, including the names of the possible “causes” of their estrangement.

What they were actually experiencing was there fear that the cancer could put him in serious danger. Therefore, they lived the sacrosanct right to privacy. Which is not canceled if you are an influencer for work and you have made a kind of social reality show out of your life. Because there is a red line at the bottom which is the choice of what to share or not, which no one will be able to contest. It is therefore entirely legitimate that in such a moment they have chosen the more path silent but certainly more intimate.

Park with children and cosmetics: the return to work is a good sign for everyone

And then there are those who, in returning to Ferragni’s “classic” stories (advertising her brand or photos in the park with Leone and Vittoria), saw a sign of the actual improvement in Fedez’s conditions. Away with fears – even to post – and a dear return to normality: this morning photos and videos with the children in the park together with Chiara’s mother, Marina Di Guardo, and her sister Francesca, she is pregnant. Then the photos of the new makeup line of her with Douglas. Waiting for Fedez to return home. From the series, welcome back dear old life. And the fans can only be happy about it.

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Last updated: Saturday 26 March 2022, 17:58

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