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How is Pope Ratzinger Benedict: health conditions

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How is Pope Ratzinger Benedict: health conditions

How is Pope Ratzinger: the health conditions of Benedict XVI and what illness he suffers from

While the religious world is experiencing concerns for the health of Pope Francis, who suffers from a terrible knee pain and has said that he had prepared a letter of resignation in case of inability to continue his pontificate due to the worsening of the disease, thoughts also turn to another Pope, who has already made his resignation: we are obviously speaking of Pope Ratzinger, previously known as Benedict XVI. The thought of the health of the Pope emeritus comes from Bergogoglio who has spread the news about his health conditions. Pope Francis at the end of the general audience in the Vatican revealed that Ratzinger is very ill and invited the faithful to pray for him. Benedict 16, who after his resignation became Pope Emeritus is 95 years old and according to the words of the Holy Father he is allegedly struggling with his health conditions, which have worsened a lot in recent times. At the end of the general audience, Pope Francis himself went to see his predecessor to give him comfort in this difficult moment.

When asked how Pope Ratzinger is, Matteo Bruni, Director of the Vatican Press Office, replied, who told the journalists present for the audience in the Vatican that the health conditions of the Pope emeritus have worsened due to his age but he remains constantly under medical observation and his situation, at least for the moment, remains under control. These, therefore, are the health conditions of Pope Benedict XVI, who in recent days is battling the disease in an even more fierce way and for which Pope Francis has asked for the support of all his faithful.

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Pope Ratzinger: the illness of Benedict XVI

But what is the disease Pope Ratzinger is fighting against? In reality, his clinical picture is shrouded in mystery. Some time ago, Pope Emeritus Benedict’s difficult health conditions were spoken of by his official biographer, Peter Seewald, who had recounted how the former pontiff suffered from a serious facial infection which also caused him difficulties in communicating. This disease dates back to 2020, but it is not clear if the evil that is afflicting Pope Benedict 16 these days is still this. At the time, the German had appeared visibly worn out, with a swollen and sore face, but now the former pontiff has not been seen in public for some time. Today, Pope Ratzinger Benedict is 95 years old and, in all probability, bear the weight of time and age. Both Pope Francis and the Vatican Press Office spoke only generally of deteriorating health conditions, without however going into detail about the disease afflicting the Pope Emeritus. Therefore, it is not known what precisely the pathology from which Pope Ratzinger suffers is, it is probably a question of a series of ailments connected to his very old age: surely his health at the moment is arousing many concerns in the religious world and beyond.

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