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How many cherries should you eat per day? Here is the dose not to be exceeded

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How many cherries should you eat per day?  Here is the dose not to be exceeded

In general, everyone really likes cherries. Be that as it may, it is good to remember not to eat too many of them.

As you know, one cherry leads to another. However, as it turns out, there is a specific amount not to be exceeded.

The properties of cherries

The cherries they are one of the main and most popular spring fruits and early summer.

Cherry tree (Pexels) – Wineandfoodtour.it

It is, in fact, a tasty fruit that, in general, both adults and children like it.

Precisely for this reason, therefore, the cherriesmore often than not, they are the main ingredient for various sweets, for example, torte, tartsand also for the jams.

Furthermore, the cherry treein addition to giving us these small tasty fruits, it is also very beautiful and ornamental, characterized by numerous pink and white flowers.

The reason why we usually often find this plant in parks and gardens is that, in addition to having a pleasant appearance, it resists the cold well and its cultivation does not require much attention.

Be that as it may, the cherries they are also good for our body, as they contain many elements that are important for our well-being.

For example, therefore, we can recall the presence of vitamin AOf vitamin COf Vitamin B and of PP.

Also not to be forgotten is the good amount of mineral saltsamong which, the of phosphorusil magnesiumil potassium and the soccer.

Cherry pie

Cherry tart (Pxhere) – Wineandfoodtour.it

In particular, the cherries they have an antioxidant actionand, therefore, are skin-friendly.

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They can, however, help us fight serious ailments like those cardiac and cardiovascular and even ad lower cholesterol.

In short, it is easy to understand, therefore, that these tasty fruits are capable of keep us healthyas well as satisfying our hunger and our palate.

The amount you can eat each day

The cherrieseven within the Italian borders, they are a fruit much loved by people of all ages.


Cherries (Pexels) – Wineandfoodtour.it

In fact, when temperatures start to rise, most patrons don’t think long before deciding to put a box of cherries in your shopping cart.

These small fruits, therefore, are always a good idea when we are in the spring season.

The cherries, in general, they are certainly good for our health. However, we must pay attention to a detail that, perhaps, escapes most.

In this case, the cherries contain i salicylates. Some individuals, therefore, may be sensitive to these substances and, as a result, having stomach ailments.

However, this would only happen if a large quantity of this fruit were eaten. In this regard, the experts tell us what it is the right amount not to be exceeded.

In particular, even if it is said that one cherry leads to another, it is necessary to know how to control yourself even in this situation.

Thus, the daily dose that we recommend is that of maximum 150 grams. Sure, maybe, if you’re not at home and you don’t have a scale, it’s not easy to understand if you’ve stayed within this limit.

So, at this point, keep in mind that it would be better eat no more than seven cherries a day.

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