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how many cups you should drink to feel good

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A recent study found that drinking coffee on a daily basis without abusing it can have beneficial effects. Let’s see in which cases

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The coffee is a drink consumed in large quantities worldwide. Each country has its own tradition in this regard. In Italy the trademark in this sense is espresso, which many people just can’t do without.

But how many times have we been told that drinking it in excessive amounts every day is not beneficial to health? Too many, and in part it is also true. There caffeine in fact, being a stimulant capable of raising the level of alertness and reactivity, it can lead to less sleep, but cannot guarantee the hours of rest lost.

Coffee: how many times to drink it a day and what risks it helps to prevent

Regardless, according to research by “New England Journal of Medicine” reported by Veronesi Foundation, the “vice” of coffee it leaves more benefits than is commonly believed.

The study testifies that an intake of five daily doses it should not harm individuals in good health. Being rich in antioxidants, could counteract the appearance of some chronic diseases. Even according to what emerged from this analysis, it could be a valid ally againstatherosclerosis.

It was found less in those who habitually sip the drink. Of course, however, distinctions must be made. Those who take certain medications such as antidepressants, antihypertensives, bronchodilators and quinolone antibiotics you’d better avoid it, or better not to abuse it.

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The same goes for pregnant or breastfeeding women. In general, as in everything in life, it would be better to sip this pleasure and not make it become routine.

In short, drink it, yes, but without exceeding. On the other hand in the Beautiful country the coffee (click here to find out if adding brown sugar is healthy) it is a sort of ritual that is also offered for hospitality and in moments when it is necessary to carry out pleasantries. The important thing is to do it always and in any case with judgment, but keeping in mind also the effects mentioned above.

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