Home Health How many tangerines can you eat on a diet? Here is the answer

How many tangerines can you eat on a diet? Here is the answer

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How many tangerines can you eat on a diet?  Here is the answer

Tangerines are the sweetest and tastiest fruit that reach our tables every day. The scent that these sweet citrus fruits leave on the hands makes them pleasant as an essence for any meal. Usually, they eat tangerines between meals as a snack, in this way they support our metabolism and stop the sense of nervous hunger.

They are filled with water and are low in calories so they are remembered in diets and provide a large amount of vitamins and minerals, as well as fibre. In these fruits we find ascorbic acid, or better known vitamin C, essential during the winter to strengthen the immune system and to anticipate seasonal ills such as the flu.

How many tangerines can you eat on a diet? Here is the answer

Eating many tangerines in a low-calorie diet also participates in the progress of the quality of the skin, the youth of blood vessels, muscles and bones since they are strong antioxidants that participate in hindering free radicals. As in all diets it is essential that there is a weighted intake of nutrients. They are rich in water and carbohydrates but also low in sugars and are essential for obtaining minerals such as potassium, iron, calcium, phosphorus but also vitamins BA and C.

Those suffering from cystitis, for example, can eat tangerines because they allow you to easily clear the bladder by removing the bacteria. It is advisable to eat at least two tangerines a day, but according to nutritionists you can easily reach 4-5 tangerines a day. Citrus fruits are essential in the fight against viruses, precisely due to the presence of bioflavonoids and beta-carotene. We must not exaggerate with the daily intake of mandarins, as they can somehow operate on the correct mechanism of the liver.

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These citrus fruits contain fructose and it would not be necessary to exceed the quantity of 40 g per day. Tangerines can annoy those suffering from gastritis, because the ascorbic acid tends to irritate the intestinal walls in some way. Finally, contrary to what one might imagine, tangerines are not harmful to those suffering from diabetes, or high blood sugar, if the daily portion is properly commensurate with the physical condition of each individual.

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