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How many “very dangerous” masks are still around? The inspector is silent

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“It is not necessary to take maximum account of living as such, but of living well,” he asserted Plato. It may be for this reason that the wellness business in the last three years has gone from 148 billion dollars to 275 billion. According to the latest research by the Global Wellness Institute, during the pandemic year the sector grew by 22% and is preparing to grow at an average annual rate of 7.5%.

If this experience has taught us anything, it is the importance of psychophysical well-being, and taking a few days off plays a great role in our personal serenity. The Journal of Tourism Analysis even highlighted how traveling frequently improves mood. People who choose to spend their time around the world are on average 7% happier and to this is added reduced levels of stress, a better quality of life. Experiences away from home have thus become a way to feel better about ourselves, and if the chosen destinations are famous for well-being, success is assured.

Bravofly – pioneer of flight search engines, active in Italy since 2004 – has thus selected eight European destinations to experience a journey of well-being, trying unique experiences of its kind.

Experience hygge in Denmark


The Danish word hygge (pronounced “hugga”) can be literally translated as “warmth” or “intimacy”, but its meaning is broader and is linked to creating a welcoming atmosphere to pamper body and spirit and to enjoy the beautiful in life with the people you love.

In Denmark, the golden seasons of hygge are autumn and winter, first with nature changing colors and the first cups of hot tea or gløgg, the local mulled wine, and then with candles and Christmas lights they fill the houses and the streets.

Among the cities that give their best at this time of year there are in particular Copenhagen, which among colorful houses and the magic of the Tivoli Gardens offers unique experiences, and Odense, where the Magic Days Festival is also celebrated at the end of October, three days dedicated to the fantasy world.

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«Forest bathing» in Trentino Alto Adige

Respiro Park

Tommaso Pini

Physical and mental well-being also starts from contact with nature and that is why Trentino-Alto Adige, with its mountains and forests, proves to be the ideal destination for finding one’s own balance.

In particular, in Fai della Paganella, at the foot of the Brenta Dolomites, the “Parco del Respiro” was born, a therapeutic park unique in Europe that allows you to live the experience of Forest Bathing, total immersion in the forest between paths and tree hugging.

The practice, lasting about two or three hours, contributes to the reduction of stress, the normalization of blood pressure and the raising of the immune system and its secret is in the monoterpenes, the substances released by the trees of the forest – especially the beeches – and which have a beneficial effect on the body.

A few kilometers from Fai della Paganella there is also one of the most beautiful Italian lakes: Lake Molveno.

A spa in the mountains of the Aosta Valley

Treatments, sensory showers, saunas and hot tubs in the open air and surrounded by nature that changes color and by some of the most beautiful peaks in Italy: the Aosta Valley is one of the most suitable destinations for those who want to switch off and pamper themselves .

The region, in fact, welcomes visitors looking for a little relaxation with its numerous spas, spas and wellness hotels in the area, among the most elegant in the country, which are designed to live a 360-degree wellness experience. °.

Furthermore, in the case of open-air baths, the contrast between hot water and the fresh, crisp autumn air helps stimulate circulation, transforming itself into a panacea for psychophysical well-being.

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Digital detox in Umbria


In an increasingly connected world it is increasingly difficult to balance between online life and offline life and the long hours spent on your electronic devices, from computers to smartphones, often have repercussions on both the body and the mind.

To unplug and find your balance between the physical and digital world, the most suitable practice is that of digital detox, i.e. voluntarily spending time away from digital devices.

This experience is offered for example in numerous Bed & Breakfasts, centers and farmhouses in the hills of Umbria, where, together with the digital detox, yoga and meditation sessions are also organized in the midst of nature.

On horseback along the paths of the Maremma


According to numerous studies, contact with animals has many beneficial effects on the body: it helps reduce stress, cortisol levels and anxiety, normalize blood pressure and strengthen the immune system.

Precisely for this reason more and more realities linked to well-being, from retreats to farmhouses passing through Bed & Breakfasts and hotels, choose to combine the more traditional practices of yoga and meditation with experiences to live together with animals.

This is the case of horseback riding in Maremma, designed not only to explore the territory according to the concept of slow living, but also to contribute to psychophysical well-being thanks to contact with the animal.

Not far from the Maremma Natural Park there are also the Terme di Saturnia, a natural wonder where you can regenerate mind and spirit.

The natural pools of Lanzarote


Renamed the “Mindfulness Archipelago”, the Canary Islands are one of the most popular European destinations for those who want to get away from the frenzy of everyday life and rediscover contact with nature.

Lanzarote, in particular, with its volcanoes, valleys of black earth and turquoise waters, is perfect for those who literally want to immerse themselves in nature, an experience that can be lived in the pristine natural pools of Los Charcones, where you can spend some now in solitude or in silence between meditation or reading a good book.

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To further enrich the wellness experience on the island there are also the retreats that offer activities related to the care of the mind and body and menus based on local and sustainable products.

Yoga on the sand in Tenerife


Like Lanzarote, Tenerife too, in the same archipelago, is a destination that helps body and spirit. On the one hand there are the rocky expanses that with their lunar landscape have a calming influence on the mind and, for this very reason, often become the scene of long meditation practices.

On the other, Antequera beach, the beach bathed by the ocean and dominated by high cliffs that hosts numerous yoga sessions.

Here, in addition to the magnificence of nature, the protagonist is the sand which, by testing balance, stimulates the mind to focus on the “here and now” and on every part of one’s body.

Vinoterapia a Porto


Among the most important cities in Portugal and one of the destinations to visit in autumn, Porto it is a place famous for its rich food and wine culture and for its wine, which is used here in the most unusual ways.

Among these there is wine therapy, a treatment dedicated to the well-being of the body and mind that is performed by exploiting the properties of the black berried grapes and the resulting wine.

In addition to the relaxing effect of baths in grape juice, the wine spa treatment also provides benefits for the skin and body, because the immersion, massages or essential oils used in the treatments help to counteract free radicals and boost blood circulation which in turn improves brain and cognitive health.


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