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How many years will you extend your life if you start eating well at 40? |

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How many years will you extend your life if you start eating well at 40?  |

Nutrition and longevity. Food plays a fundamental role in human health. There is an avalanche of scientific evidence which demonstrate the importance of diet in well-being and in the prevention of all chronic diseases, such as cardiovascular diseases, type 2 diabetes, neurodegenerative diseases and some types of cancer.

Nutrition and longevity: at 40 you can change your habits to live a long time

A group of English experts he wanted to calculate how many years You can extend your life expectancy if you start eating healthily at the age of 40. Researchers have developed a predictive model capable of indicating how many more years can be gained thanks to a radical change in eating habits.

Experts have divided foods into categories according to their effects on human health. Just to give an example, fruit and vegetables, fish and whole grains are in the category of foods suitable for well-being, while processed meats are in the negative category, together with ultra-processed foods.

Nutrition and longevity: how many years do you gain?

The results leave no room for doubt. Already with a partial change in eating habits at 40 years of age, life expectancy increases by:

8.9 years for men, 8.6 years for women.

If the change is radical, life expectancy increases by:

10.8 years for men, 10.4 years for women.

The researchers’ goal is to give governments scientific tools to develop information campaigns to raise awareness for citizensso that they can follow a conscious diet.

Most chronic diseases are preventable

We know that prevention could save millions of lives every year. Suffice it to say that cardiovascular diseases can be prevented in most cases, as well as stroketype 2 diabetes and neurodegenerative diseases. Even tumors can be prevented in at least 40% of cases.

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Moreover, it is well known that a varied diet provides all the elements for its correct functioning. Foods rich in vitamins, mineral salts and antioxidants protect the cells, and therefore the body’s organs, from oxidative damage, which accelerates the aging processes. Proteins, fats and carbohydrates are essential for human health.

Nutrition and longevity: why is nutrition so important?

Having the right body weight is another crucial step to living long and well. A varied, balanced and above all sustainable diet is the best way to achieve this goal. In addition to the fact that being overweight is one of the main causes of many chronic diseases, it also increases the levels of inflammation in the body, an ideal habitat for the development of pathologies.

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