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How ME/CFS patients fight for more attention

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How ME/CFS patients fight for more attention

“Lying demo”: Action for ME/CFS sufferers on Frankfurt’s Römerberg. Image: Aaron Leithäuser

Hundreds of thousands of Germans suffer from a little-known disease, chronic fatigue syndrome. With “lying demos” they are fighting for better care and more support from politicians.

It is an unusual demonstration that is moving through downtown Frankfurt. The approximately 250 participants are silent: no slogans, no whistles, no music. After just 500 meters you arrive at your destination, the Römerberg. There they lie on their backs on the cobblestones at the level of the town hall for a few minutes. Shortly afterwards the group breaks up.

Eva Schlafer

Editor in the “Life” department of the Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung.

This form of protest was deliberately chosen. The organizers announced it not only as a “lying demo”, but also with the term “funeral walk”. It is intended to draw attention to a disease that weakens many of those affected, including many young people, so much that they are confined to their beds.

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