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“How much do I earn per month without compensation”

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“How much do I earn per month without compensation”

Marcello, a 29-year-old Italian boy, recently shared a video revealing how much a newly graduated nurse can earn in France. In the video, Marcello highlights the disparity in economic recognition for nurses in Italy compared to the more rewarding working conditions and pay in France.

According to Marcello, a recent graduate nurse in France can expect to earn between 1,800-1,900 euros per month as a net salary, with additional benefits such as service allowances, night hours, and holiday hours. Nurses with more experience can earn around 2,400 euros net base, with the potential to earn up to 7,500 euros through extra hours without taxation.

While the salaries for nurses in France may be higher than in Italy, Marcello points out that the cost of living in France is also higher. He currently lives in Nice on the French Riviera, but acknowledges that living in cities like Paris may be even more expensive. Additionally, knowledge of the French language is essential for anyone considering moving to France for work.

Marcello’s story sheds light on why many Italian nurses are choosing to leave their home country in search of better opportunities abroad. Ultimately, each individual must weigh the pros and cons of relocating for a higher salary. Would you consider moving to France for a salary like that?

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