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How much salmon can you eat each day? The expert’s answer

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How much salmon can you eat each day?  The expert’s answer

Salmon is a fish that belongs to the Salmonidae family. It lives on the northern coasts of Europe and on the Atlantic side of America; ascends rivers for breeding during the winter months. Salmon has a very fine meat, with a soft and particular flavor. The flask composition of the salmon is quite thin and elongated with a pointed end.

The color and the appearance, are diversified according to the multiplicity. The male can reach considerable dimensions, up to 150 cm in length for a weight of 36 kg. The female, on the other hand, hardly exceeds the 120 cm for 20 kg. Generally it lives 4-6 years and sporadically reaches the threshold of 10.

How much salmon can you eat each day? The expert’s answer

Salmon, taken as food, is part of the 1st Fundamental Food Group. From a nutritional point of view, its consumption is aimed at achieving the recommended rations of various substances such as: proteins, mineral salts, various B vitamins, vitamin D, vitamin A and essential fatty acids. In the diet, salmon could be eaten on a weekly and therefore not daily basis.

A portion of 150-250g, at most every 2-3 days, is in fact sufficient to satisfy the basic criteria of a correct and correct diet. In this regard, it is mandatory to specify that it is always advisable to maintain a certain changeability of the diet. That is, it is better to avoid consuming only salmon by eliminating other fishery products, since it too has some aspects that are not entirely positive or questionable.

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It should also be said that salmon is a food that is quite rich in fat and in fact it is recommended to carefully estimate its portions and to avoid its presence in recipes rich in seasoning fats, especially in the case of overweight. Let’s not forget that salmon is a food rich in proteins with a high biological value, i.e. with a group of very important amino acids that are quite good and in considerable quantities.

This aspect just mentioned above is particularly welcome by sportsmen and bodybuilders. Finally, for subjects without complications, salmon is almost always well relevant to the diet of any form, while for pregnant women it is essential that it be cooked to further remove the risk of microbiological contamination.

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