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How not to get fat before the holidays without following a diet

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In order not to get weighed down at Christmas, here are the secrets for not gaining weight before the party without following a real diet.

We have now entered the full Christmas spirit, December has begun and the preparations for Christmas have more or less started for everyone. From setting up the house, to the tree, the gifts, up to the choice of menus for the holidays.

In short, we are here again this year, the magical moment of the encounter with pandoro, panettone and nougat has almost arrived and we are still with a few extra pounds to dispose of. A big problem.

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But not too much, because if you don’t like to follow a diet we will reveal some secrets to not gain weight before the holidays. Here are the tips to lose a few pounds before starting the Christmas marathon.

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Here’s how not to get fat before the holidays without a diet

If following a diet may seem torture for many, we will reveal a few straight for not gaining weight, but even lose a few pounds in view of the Christmas holidays, where it is known, it is difficult to count calories.

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In fact, in this period it is practically impossible not to fall into temptation and automatically a few extra kilos accumulate. If you do not like to follow a real low-calorie diet, however, you can groped lose weight by following small steps.

Assuming that if you are overweight or suffer from particular diseases, it is good to follow what a specialist suggests, or an expert in nutrition such as a nutritionist.

Otherwise you can adopt some of these little tricks for do not gain kilos for the upcoming holidays, without following a proper diet, but simply by adopting a few tricks.

1) Herbal teas. When the cold arrives on time, the desire to drink water is felt much less. This does not mean that drinking is essential for the body. So to remedy the lack of liquids, we insert herbal teas into our good habits. If you do not suffer from pathologies or intolerances, you can go directly to the herbalist’s shop and ask for a suitable mix of herbs, perhaps with a detox effect. Some can improve digestion, others deflate, others purify, and so on.

2) Aperitif yes or no? If you can’t do without an aperitif at least try not to drink cocktails but opt ​​for a glass of wine, even better if it is red which contains polyphenols. For the rest, say goodbye to snacks. Then prefer a rice or corn cake.

3) Watch out for seasonings. Another important rule is not to overuse the seasonings. Always choose extra virgin olive oil and dose it carefully, without abusing it. And then help yourself with spices, lemon, but instead strongly limit the salt because it creates water retention and certainly does not help in the slimming mission.

4) Carbohydrates until lunch. At breakfast and lunch you can eat them, always in the recommended doses, but then for dinner it is better to avoid opting instead for proteins. Meat, fish, legumes to accompany vegetables.

5) Get moving. Walking is extremely beneficial both physically and mentally. Taking a walk in the fresh air reactivates the senses and helps you lose weight. Otherwise, opt for some do-it-yourself workouts but if you are not trained do not overdo it, better start slowly with simple things and with the help of a trainer.

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If we act preventively, we will be able to lose a few kilos without getting weighed down at Christmas and without necessarily following a proper diet.

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