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How social networks are changing (which are less and less social)

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How social networks are changing (which are less and less social)

If the CEO of Instagram Adam Mosseri makes a video on Twitter to say that the model to be inspired by is TikTok it means that the confusion under the sky of social networks is maximum but the situation is not excellent. The situation is that in the beginning there was only Facebook, with posts, groups, pages and that “add as friend” button that made you build networks of people with whom you felt at the center of the world; then it came Instagram that was all about photos, and many liked the photo, especially the fashion world, and Facebook bought Instagram and its influencers. The social world at one point was all there, in Menlo Park, where Mark Zuckerberg reigns. But then came TikTok which brought about two formidable revolutions: no posts, no photos, only short videos; and above all no friendsit is an algorithm that suggests you the videos to watch, one after the other, with such precision that today many users spend more than an hour and a half a day.

The trend

So algorithms are changing pop culture

by Francesco Marino

In the time when you used to watch a movie in the cinema (yes, there were cinemas ten years ago), in that time frame today many people are watching clips, usually funny, on TikTok. The misconception is that TikTok isn’t really a social network, it’s a form of entertainment.

TikTok: the social platform on which people spend the most time

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by Pier Luca Santoro

You look at it like you would watch something on TV. Friends, dialogue, the very idea of ​​connecting the world are archived. The fact is that it works: the young users, the most interesting from an advertising point of view, are all there. This is why Zuckerberg and his are in a panic: the metaverse is far away, Facebook is dying despite trying to add all possible functions, from amorous encounters to the flea market; and Instagram tries to become TikTok. Network users have been protesting for days: we want the photos back and friends say. But what is really missing is a social network where you can talk to your friends as we once did.


How to find the Instagram of the past

by Francesco Marino

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