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How the amount of CO2 in rooms affects health

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How the amount of CO2 in rooms affects health

A key component of indoor air quality is the amount of CO2 (carbon dioxide), the concentration of which is often underestimated.

Measuring air quality in living spaces

Nowadays, people spend a significant part of their lives indoors, which is why the air quality in homes and offices plays a crucial role in our health and well-being. A key component of this air quality is the CO2 content (carbon dioxide), the concentration of which is often underestimated indoors. Excessive CO2 levels can have significant health impacts, highlighting the need to become more aware of this issue and take appropriate action.

Carbon dioxide is produced when people breathe, and its concentration in enclosed spaces increases with the number of people and the time they spend in those spaces. While low concentrations of CO2 are not harmful to health, higher levels cause air quality to deteriorate and can cause symptoms such as headaches or fatigue.

Research has shown that continuous exposure to high levels of CO2 not only affects well-being and productivity, but can also increase the risk of various health problems. These include respiratory problems, cardiovascular problems and, in some cases, even long-term cognitive impairment.

To minimize CO2 concentrations indoors, experts recommend regular ventilation, the use of plants that can absorb CO2, and the use of air purifiers and filters that can effectively help improve air quality. Modern ventilation systems can also play a significant role by continually exchanging indoor air with fresh outdoor air, which is particularly important in buildings without sufficient natural ventilation options.

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With our CO2 measuring devices, the air quality indoors can be effectively monitored so that it is recognized in good time when it is necessary to ventilate to ensure optimal oxygen supply and minimization of CO2 concentrations:

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