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How the glove works that will make us really feel in the metaverse

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The virtual world that Mark Zuckerberg has in mind – and not only, according to the myriad of companies preparing to invest in avatars and digital universes – requires a 3D viewer but also wearable devices, the so-called wearables, which are able to return all ‘user immersed in digital the same sensations he would experience in the real world.

Facebook, the company that recently became Meta, has been working for some time on a haptic glove that gives the wearer the sensation of truly holding or touching a virtual object, helping to make virtual reality or augmented reality even more credible. In practice, the glove created by Meta’s Reality Lab, like others being developed by other companies, creates a level of resistance and pressure on the limb calibrated according to the object that is grasped or touched. The tactile sensation is enhanced by sounds – and of course – images as close as possible to reality.

Meta has been working on this prototype since 2014, the year it bought Oculus. The video you are watching highlights the progress made over the past seven years.

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