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How the pandemic impacted mental health: the study

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How the pandemic impacted mental health: the study

The Covid pandemic has had a very strong impact on the mental health of children, probably affected in the strongest and most personal way: the study

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The impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on everyone’s life has been devastating. Just think about how much the Coronavirus has limited our sociability, as well as our large or small daily actions. Since the beginning of 2020 it has been a succession of difficulties, between limitations and restrictions which have actually complicated the lives of all of us. But who paid the most in terms of health not only physical (we know that in the latter case it was the elderly who were most affected) but above all mental, were the younger boys and girls. Especially the latter, who paid more than males for the great impediments linked to being together, meeting and sharing experiences. Events, parties, concerts, travels, simple gatherings at the bar or restaurant: only in the last year have we started to savor a newfound normalitybut first everything listed above has suffered a very strong setback which, in many cases, has forever marked someone’s lives.

There have been many studies, especially from a psychological point of view, to understand what the real impact of the pandemic has been on young people. In particular, after the stop to school activities that turned out to be determined for the training of characters and of personality of boys, especially in younger ages. There distance learning it has somewhat curbed the problem, but the homebound youths have suffered enormously from the lack of “physical contact” with their peers. But there’s more: the research has also shown that the various waves of Covid-19 have dug a big one groove of gender, a gap that has seen girls suffer more than boys for all that the health emergency has entailed. So let’s see what these studies were and what results they produced.

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Pandemic and mental health: study reveals greater impact on girls than boys, here are the results

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Girls more affected by the pandemic than children, in terms of mental health. This is the main result that emerged from a study conducted by university researchers British (including the City University of London) e Australianwho carried out their surveys on a sample aged between 5 ed i 15 years. As also reported by QuotidianoSanità.itFinding out whether the pandemic has had a different impact on the mental health of boys, girls and adolescents is important in understanding how preserve its well-being psycho-physical in the future “. It was the lockdown duro which in Italy took place between the months of March and April 2020: the researchers started from this dynamic and it emerged that the mental health of the girls was the one that was most affected by the forced closure of all activities and, in fact, by the elimination of the social life of young people. Here are the results that emerged from the study.

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As anticipated, it must be premised that the difficulties related to mental health have affected above all girls: in particular, in a scale from 1 to 40 on which to calculate precisely these complications, in women the increase was 1,619 points (practically del 28% in percentage terms), with a marked growth in households with low income (in this case the increase was of 37%that is of 2,161 points). A growth that mainly concerned the emotional difficulties and those behavioral, strongly marked precisely in the gender difference. If we consider families with a higher incomealso in this case there was an increase, however the values ​​were lower and less accentuated: we are talking about a growth in 22% namely of 1,306 points, with the gap between males and females which was therefore more contained, although still present. As for the sample, the study conducted by academics of the City University of London, dell’University of Wollongong he was born in Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology Universitywas based on data from the UK Household Longitudinal Study (UKHLS), which currently includes the answers of approx 40 thousand families and therefore it was possible to broaden the research in an important way.

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In short, this study has also shown that the greater difficulties of girls compared to boys were recorded in specific areas, such as i emotional symptomsor thehyperactivitybut also i behavioral problems which, however, with the pandemic have decreased significantly in children. The co-author also intervened on the results that emerged from the survey Agne Suziedelyteof the University of London, who commented: “The research results highlight a strong gender impact: Emotional and behavioral difficulties increased more among 10-15 year old girls than boys during the Covid-19 pandemic, especially compared to pre-pandemic years. Gender differences in the effect of the pandemic on children’s mental well-being were observed in all income groupsalthough these differences are more evident in families where the latter is more basso”.

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