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how to avoid the known “yoyo effect”

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how to avoid the known “yoyo effect”

Here are the best tips you can follow to avoid the yoyo effect on a diet and lose weight effectively.

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As summer approaches, many are starting to diet for the infamous swimsuit fitting. But which weight loss method really helps and how do you avoid the yoyo effect? The diets they are boring and those who start a diet usually want to see immediate results. But shock diets in particular, where you want to lose weight by radically reducing calories, ultimately lead to the opposite effect.

Metabolic processes are off, so calorie burning is also off, and the body stores the energy it gets from fat stores to prevent hunger. This phenomenon is also known as yoyo effect. Dr. Esser is convinced that diets make no sense for this reason.

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How to avoid the yoyo effect on a diet

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There are numerous types of diets and each varies on different methods. However, they all have one thing in common: a diet is only successful if you think long term. Anyone who starts a diet must absolutely think about the time following. Only a general change in diet really helps. Getting a lot of exercise is also very important. While sport alone doesn’t drop the pounds, regular exercise supports the weight loss process and ensures a healthy body. So the best way to avoid the yoyo effect is to take a long-term and not immediate diet.

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It is much more important to keep one healthy and balanced diet, raw or cooked vegetable food should be on the menu, as well as fish, avocado, legumes, kale and dried fruit. Meat products, on the other hand, shouldn’t be eaten more than once a week. Other enemies of the diet are sweets, fast carbohydrates, alcohol and smoking.

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But the most important thing is if you feel it well in your body, the idea of ​​a “costume fitting” is fundamentally wrong. Exercise and a balanced diet are the alpha and omega, but if you are feeling fit and healthy, a pound more or less doesn’t matter.

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