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How to concretely act to protect the Planet

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We focus, in particular, on a project that provides for the development of social activities to protect the planet and, even more interestingly, is not aimed exclusively at employees but at all company interlocutors. In fact, the logic of returning what is asked of the Earth through production and supply chain activity must concern all company stakeholders, employees as well as suppliers and channel partners.

In addition to individual initiatives, Acer’s Humanity project has some special corporate initiatives. Actions are worth more than words. The goal is to restore the value that belongs to the environment in which we live and to create a real positive impact on society, first of all sensitizing its employees to the central value of man and the consequences of their actions.

In addition to individual initiatives, the Humanity project has included some of Acer’s own business initiatives. In over a year, the Humanity project has involved over 30 countries. Thanks to the use of intelligent lighting, for example, energy consumption has been reduced, electronic products, batteries have been recycled and the use of disposable plastic bottles and cups has been reduced. 1,800 trees were also donated, of which 170 were planted by the employees themselves.

The Acer Green Days initiative is also active, which aims to plant a tree for every order placed on the Acer online store. Finally, it should be noted that the milestone of 96% of product packaging made of recyclable material has also been reached and that in 15 locations around the world Acer has chosen to use exclusively renewable energy sources.

From renewable energy to small sustainable actions in production

Actions, therefore, concrete actions instead of a thousand words. Formal actions and commitments that involve everyone and that have a single aggregation hub in the Earthion platform. Commitments such as joining the RE100 project which provides for the exclusive use of renewable energy by 2035, an effort that will bring the current 44% of renewables used to 100%. A promise towards the environment that Acer had already declared since 2008 by joining the Carbon Disclosure Project to monitor the environmental impact, not only of its production but of the entire supply chain. Until we reach the first goal: the reduction of carbon emissions by 60%.

In summary, the points on which Acer and its entire supply chain are working are 6:

  • Use of 100% renewable energy
  • Sustainable innovations in product design
  • Make the packaging as recyclable as possible
  • Minimize the environmental impact of production
  • Leave a minimum carbon footprint in logistics activities
  • Recycle, reduce and reuse according to the principles of the circular economy.

Acer Aspire Vero the first Acer laptop focused on sustainability

The pinnacle of the concreteness of Acer’s sustainability initiatives comes with However aspire. It is the first product made by re-imagining the entire computer manufacturing process. For example, the keyboard caps are made up of 50% PCR plastic (post consumer recycled), while the other surfaces have 30% PCR plastic.

The packaging is eco-sustainable: the box is made with 80-85% recycled paper, and the laptop protection bag and the sheet between keyboard and screen are also made with 100% recycled plastic. The box graphics are printed using soy ink and the Acer Aspire Vero chassis contains no traces of paint. Standard screws were used for easier disassembly, and finally, as a hallmark of its sustainability, the Acer Aspire Vero laptop features the reversed R and E keys to recall the three REs of sustainability: reduce, reuse and recycle.

Making the Acer Aspire Vero sustainable did not affect its performance. The 11th Generation Intel Core processor along with Intel Iris Xe graphics deliver world-class graphics and processing speeds, while the M.2 SSD provides up to 1TB of storage. Ultimately, Acer Aspire Vero represents the concreteness of Acer’s initiatives in terms of sustainability and gives the possibility to those who buy it to take a real action to protect the Planet.

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