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How to create a profile for the Horizon metaverse (even without a Facebook account)

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How to create a profile for the Horizon metaverse (even without a Facebook account)

If you part with standalone Meta accounts e i profili per Meta Horizonthe network of virtual reality platforms already active in the United States and in some other markets such as France and Spain.

An update that is only apparently marginal: owners of a Quest headset can open an account and a linked Horizon profile without necessarily having to have a Facebook account. It is of course possible to continue to use the login data on the mother platform and on Instagram to set up a Meta account, but the roads begin to separate. On the one hand, the old social business, to which a large part of the holding’s balance sheet is in any case linked with the 140 billion dollars of advertising revenues; on the other, the unprecedented path of the metaverse that must demonstrate to everyone, including investors, its meaning and its financial sustainability. But that is precisely the great bet of Mark Zuckerberg for the future.

If the Meta Quest device has already been linked to the Facebook account, users will be able to remove it and use an email address to certify a Meta account at that point. independent from the old social networks. The action is preparatory to immersion in virtual reality: once a Meta account has been opened, the Horizon profile can be set up with a unique username, necessary to build the avatar and project oneself into virtual reality environments such as Worlds, which is to say the real is cashing in these months bad reviews from users who gradually begin to populate it, or Workrooms. Finally, if the headset is linked to an old Oculus account, you will need to open a Meta account by January 1, 2023. All these changes take effect now, but they were announced last month: Meta had retraced its steps, deciding to exclude the requirement of a Facebook account to use the Oculus Quest devices, also renamed Meta.

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Alphabet of the Future

The metaverse beyond Meta: what we will do and how we will inform ourselves in virtual worlds

by Emanuele Capone

How to set up a Meta account

But how do you actually set up an account? As mentioned, a Meta account can be opened in 3 ways: with an email address, with an account Facebook or an account Instagram. When you wear the headset for the first time, you receive a code that can be used to pair the headset with the Oculus mobile app (available on the Play Store and App Store). Then you can just continue the experience with the Facebook or Instagram details or use an email address to create a Meta account. In case you choose however, to use Facebook and Instagram accounts, the profiles will be added to the same Account Center – a move that obviously allows you to unlock experiences connected to the social ecosystem such as finding Instagram followers to play with in VR and use Messenger in VR. If an e-mail address is used, the date of birth must also be entered.

The privacy of the Horizon profile

After the Meta account, it will be the turn of the Horizon profile, where the first setting to indicate is that of privacy: the profile can be open to everyone, only to friends and family (which is the default setting) or private. These are obviously indications that can be changed at any time. Between the ages of 13 and 17, Meta Horizon profiles will be private by default. Then all that remains is to create your own avatar and set out to discover the VR branded Menlo Park.

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For those who have already connected the Facebook account

A final note for those wishing to remove the link with the Facebook account previously set up: all purchases and downloads will still remain available, so like Oculus Friends who (as we explained here) are now renamed Followers.

The news

Facebook will allow you to have up to 5 personal profiles

by Francesco Marino

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