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How to get a 30% discount on each motorway toll with a new initiative starting now in July

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How to get a 30% discount on each motorway toll with a new initiative starting now in July

Telepass offers a convenient and efficient solution for highway toll payment. This device is positioned on the windscreen of the car and allows the driver to access the preferential lane both at the entrance and at the exit of the tollbooth. Thanks to this feature, the user can avoid long and stressful queues, particularly common during periods of high traffic influx. Let’s see then:

Toll on the motorway, how to get a 30% discount Other services for motorists to use

Toll on the motorway, how to get a 30% discount

A significant advantage of the Telepass it is the elimination of the need to handle coins or make cash payments at the toll booth. This avoids stopping and delays in travel time. The device can only be registered to a single vehicle, thus ensuring that fees are charged correctly. An interesting aspect is the possibility of obtaining discounts using Telepass. These discounts can reach up to 30% of the cost of the motorway toll. To take advantage of a 30% discount, you need to activate a special offer or promotion linked to Telepass.

Telepass Plus is the offer designed for frequent travellers, available until July 31st. This offer offers a 30% cashback on each toll paid by 15 September, to be used for the refueling or electric top-up service by 30 September. In addition to this benefit, Telepass Plus subscribers can enjoy a year of use with no fee to pay. How to get cashback on tolls?

Sign up for the Telepass Plus offer by 31 July; travel on the highway until September 15; for each motorway toll with Telepass you get 30% cashback; the cashback is deducted from fuel or electric top-up transactions by 30 September.

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Other services for motorists to enjoy

Telepass Plus is aversatile offer in the field of mobility. It extends from the possibility of using services such as Taxis, Ski passes, Shared Mobility and Blue Striped Parking, allowing fast and efficient travel. Users can access all Telepass Plus services both through the Telepass app and through their own Telepass device.

I spayment services in app include Blue Stripes, Fuel, Electric Recharge, Road Tax, Inspection, Car Wash, Taxi, Trains, Ships & Ferries, Public Transport, Skipass, pagoPA, Coach, Food & Drink. Billing for these services takes place on a monthly basis, and the use of the Telepass device is not required.

Elsewhere, i services to be used with the Telepass device they include Highway, Affiliated Parkings, Area C Milan and Strait of Messina Ferry. The billing for these services is instead quarterly.

In the case of Affiliated parking lots, the use of the Parking Service allows quick entry and exit from all the car parks affiliated to Telepass. Avoid delays and traffic jams in places like train stations, airports, fairs and public events.

As for i ferries in the Strait of Messina, Telepass offers an agreement that allows you to pay the ticket without having to get out of the car, simplifying the procedure. Users can benefit from cheaper mobility tariffs, as they are updated automatically thanks to the agreement with Telepass.

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