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How to get flabby muscles back into shape

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How to get flabby muscles back into shape

“Popeye Vegan” plus exercise

Popeye Vegan: Selected nutrient combination to support the muscles (Image source: Madaus & Lauscher GmbH)

Do you want to quickly get your weak muscles back into shape after the winter? Then you can achieve this with exercise and support it with the “Popeye Vegan” muscle tablets. The new nutrient product contains everything the muscles need in high quality, such as creatine for muscle and performance strength and vitamin D for normal muscle function.

As the product name suggests, spinach plays a very special role in the nutritional composition of muscle tablets. Scientists believe that the so-called ecdysteroids in spinach increase muscle mass and muscle strength. Therefore, the manufacturers Dr. Thomas Lauscher and Dr. Andreas Madaus added a natural extract from a special type of vegetable spinach to her product in addition to other ingredients such as leucine, vitamins B 2, B12 and C, zinc, selenium and iron.

Popeye Vegan Muscle Tablets are lactose, sugar, fat and gluten-free and contain no animal substances. For example, the vitamin D used is obtained from lichen and not – as is usually the case – from sheep’s wool fat.

The product is suitable for adults aged 18 and over. It can be purchased at dm in the drugstore for 14.45 euros/60 tablets or in the dm online shop plus shipping costs.

Image source: Madaus & Lauscher GmbH

Madaus & Lauscher GmbH, Bonn, develops and produces health products. Dr. Thomas Lauscher and Dr. Andreas Madaus founded the company in 2016; The two experienced pharmacists have been dealing with pharmaceuticals for more than thirty years. In their company, they develop preparations based on current research that help maintain or improve the long-term physical and mental constitution of older people aged 50+.

Company contact
Dr. Madaus & Lauscher GmbH
Dr. Thomas Lauscher
PO Box 300952
53189 Bonn

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Press contact
PR Compact
Petra Müller
Virchowstrasse 34
41464 Neuss
02131 81066

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